Wind-up Knight APK 2.4 + Mod

Wind-up Knight APK 2.4 + Mod

Aug 13, 2013
Size 44MB
Version 2.4
Requires Android
2.2 and up

Robot Invader’s Wind-up Knight is an action-packed, high-quality, side-scrolling adventure that shows you how to play games.
To save the Princess from the clutches the evil Black Knight, guide your Wind-up Knight through more than 50 levels. You can run, jump, roll and slash your path to victory. Wind-up Knight is not your average runner game. It’s the kind of game that will challenge you.

These are some tips to help you get the most out of your grill.

* More than 50 soul-sucking levels in four worlds.
* Extreme platforming action: Double jumping, wall sliding and dive to name just a few.
* Achievements, super-hard “Knightmare”, levels and full controller support including MOGA!
* As you play the game, new weapons and armor are unlocked. You can customize your character and equip items with the Armory!
* Original music by Josh Whelchel

Robot Invader has created Wind-up Knight from scratch to offer a console-like experience on your Android device. It’s not available for download at the moment, but Princess is still waiting!

You can unlock all levels in the game for free if you’re super awesome. You can also pay a little more to unlock higher levels. Some purchases cannot be transferred between devices and will not be refunded if your phone is wiped or uninstalled.

AppliGet’s App of the Year 2011 is Wind-up Knight

“A success story that has been told from start to finish.” – Tara Long, DESTRUCTOID

“4/4 – Must Have” – SLIDES TO PLAY

“5/5 – Great” – APPSPY

What’s new?

WIND-UP KNIGHT version 2.4

– Total support for controllers
– The MOGA Enhanced version of Wind-up Knight is now available!
– Other minor bug fixes
-over 5 million Android users have played Wind-up Knight!
-It has been completed by a select few.
-Thank you for playing!

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