Wild Tamer APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.38

Tired of the gacha life? Enter the ancient wild darkness of druid and necromancer animal jam battlegrounds.Become a grounded master beast tamer, and capture various critters to do your bidding! Tame battle cats, monsters, and hybrid animals and take part in the league for pocket taming games!

Mar 24, 2022
Size 144MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Are you tired of the gacha lifestyle? You can enter the ancient dark darkness of necromancer and druid animal jam battlegrounds…
You can become a master beast tamer and capture other critters to do your bidding.
Participate in the league for pocket-taming games and battle cats, monsters, and hybrid animals!

You can become a Wild Tamer and defeat enemy monster beasts to become your minion. You can summon your guardian alphawolf to become a wolf pack leader or command a large army of pocket ants!

If you’re brave, you might be able to become a mystical Dragon Tamer! To become your next Neopet, gather mythical and unique creatures!

You can fight wild animals and tame them to level up your super animal team!

Your primitive brother in arms must survive in the land known as octogeddon. Do not starve yourself to death – remember that the wilderness can also be a growing paradise!
Collect wildcraft materials and creatures to level up as a forager, and then strengthen your army with wildcraft weapons or artifacts.

If the ocean horn is blaring in the Badland, you may have exceptional chances of finding aquatic monsters or hidden dino bash…

* Get quests and leaderboards
* Tons of unique, tamable monsters or creatures that are both cute and dangerous!
* Artifacts that are suitable for different battle styles

#Android 5.0 and above recommended

What’s new?

– Other bug fixes

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