Waze APK v4.83.4.401

Waze APK is a navigation app that displays traffic on the screen. This advantage has brought many advantages to Waze over other navigation applications.

Jun 1, 2022
Size 89MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Waze will keep you informed about what’s going on in your area. Waze will tell you in real time about traffic, constructions, police and crashes. Waze can help you save time by changing traffic conditions along your route.
Why do you want to see?
* Get alerts about traffic, police and other hazards on your driving.
* Speedometer – Get an alert when your speed exceeds the limit to avoid getting tickets and drive safer.
* Save time and avoid traffic by making instant routing changes.
* Toll fees – Waze will inform you about any toll charges along your route.
* Find out when you’ll be arriving – Your estimated arrival time is based upon live traffic data
* Get gas at a lower price – Find the best gas prices along your route
* Listen to music and more – Waze allows you to listen to your favourite apps for music, podcasts, and more.
* Use Waze to drive with Android Auto – Display your car’s display
* Always find the right way – You can choose from many voices to help you navigate while driving

Use Waze to help you navigate!

These directions are not for large or emergency vehicles.

What’s new?

This update makes it easier to save time and avoid traffic.

Fixed a bug that prevented your saved places from being in the order you have set.

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