Vampire Rising: Magic Arena APK 1.0.1 + Mod

In the game, you can freely explore the world map, and you can freely gallop in the magnificent magical world. The magnificent historical chapters are created and written by you! From the peaceful and peaceful town to the magnificent castle, from the eerie and gloomy altar to the heavily guarded Devil’s Castle… There are countless unknown areas waiting for you to explore and experience this magnificent magical world.

Jun 7, 2022
Size 141MB
Version 1.0.1
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Collect heroes and epic units such as vampires or werewolves to explore new worlds. Your undead army grows daily as you play as a necromancer. Play epic heroes and magic, or battle other players in turn-based strategy battles.
Explore the vast realm of magic and might, pierced by the powers of light or darkness. Experience legendary heroes and epic RPG battles against terrifying foes. Follow Galthrom, the Necromancer’s quest for the Dark Tower. Enter the dark and meet powerful creatures who will do anything to find what they are looking for. You are now ready for an incredible RPG role-playing adventure! Your enemy is one the powerful creatures of fantasy, such as a mage, dragon, medusa, or minotaur.

Rise of Darkness: Heroes and Magic Arena offers the ultimate PVP battle royale. Create the ultimate party of heroes, learn team tactics and take on other players in PVP Strategy Arena every day. To win glory and great rewards, fight your way to the top!
Your dark empire can be built and upgraded. For constant challenges, climb the Vampire Dark Tower, complete quests, fight your enemies in magic arena, explore vast and mysterious dungeons, and play against legendary black dragons and horde minotaurs. You can become a bloodthirsty werewolf, vampire, or werewolf, and create a legion from the Necropolis, which is a horde full of warlords.
You have over 50+ epic heroes, and monsters in your collection. You can upgrade and enhance their power and special abilities. As many as possible!

Are you tired of playing traditional strategy games such as Heroes? Are you looking to take part in turn-based strategy vampire battles and become a leader in war and magic? Every turn-based battle is won! If you enjoy turn-based vampire games, Rise of Darkness: Heroes and Magic Arena are your best bets. Rise of Darkness: Heroes and Magic Vampire Arena are waiting for you!

What’s new?

Welcome to Vampire Rising: Magic Arena This turn-based strategy game lets you play Heroes and build your army.

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