VALERIE PROFILE : LENNETH This port to the mobile platforms is an old-school RPG that focuses on the dangerous life of a valkyrie who was given a significant commission by Odin. To stop Ragnarok, she must conduct reconnaissance, locate the souls of the worthy, and rally the strongest squad from them. The already challenging mission soon becomes more difficult as new challenges and secrets are revealed. The expedition is at risk of being buried by the growing chaos. This pastime will please fans of traditional role-playing games.

Feb 24, 2021
Size 17MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

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“To my side, my noble Einherjar!”

A complex and moving tale of fates weaved by gods and mortals. It is infused with Norse mythology and punctuated with groundbreaking combat. The soundtrack is one of the best in gaming. See the source of the VALKYRIE STORY franchise.

Enjoy VALKYRIE PROFILE LENNETH with added features and enhancements

-Intertwining stories that weave a compelling story against the backdrop of Norse Mythology
– Action-packed combat with thrilling combos and satisfying special attacks
-Motoi Sakuraba’s timeless music
-Multiple endings depending on your choices and actions

The worlds were created long ago: Midgard, which is the realm of mortals, as well Asgard, which is the realm of celestial beings-elves, giants and gods.

The sands and time flowed peacefully until that fateful day, hidden in the heavens. The beginning of a feud between Vanir and Aesir would quickly turn into a holy war, which would rage across the land of men and herald the end of the world.

The battle maiden descends from Valhalla at Odin’s command. She surveys Midgard and seeks the souls of the worthy.

She is the Chooser for the Slain. She is the Hand of Destiny. She is the Valkyrie.

As war ravages Asgard and Ragnarok threaten the end of the world, she must discover her story and her destiny.

The struggle for the souls gods and men starts from the heavens up to the earth below.

Odin has given you the task of gathering Einherjar (the souls of the worthy) and offering them as able soldiers to the gods.

-Recruit Einherjar
To find fallen souls, perform Spiritual Concentration from the Overworld. Then visit them to see their fates and to recruit them.

-Develop Einherjar in Combat
To increase their warrior skills, fight alongside Einherjars.

-Send Einherjar to Asgard
Send the warriors to heaven once they have proven worthy and ensure that they are well-equipped for the great battle.

Hear Their Exploits
Find out how your Einherjar fared in Asgard at each chapter’s end.

-Intuitive controls, UI catered for touchscreen
-Smartphone-optimized graphics
Autosave and Save-anywhere functions allow for easy on-the-go play
Combat: -Auto-battle Option
Purchase Booster Options

Android 5 and later

Support for game controllers in part

What’s new?

Minor bugs fixed

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