TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome APK v1.9.3

TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome — a flexible and customizable program that provides users with everything they need to learn and practice playing various musical instruments. There are ready-made presets that help to significantly save time and simply edit the appropriate option for this. It is also an excellent platform for those who want to get a perfectly configured and created system with their own hands. Huge functionality, a lot of additional features for better and more comfortable work, saving the results obtained, as well as simple convenient management, makes this project an excellent choice.

Apr 13, 2022
Size 80MB
Requires Android
Varies with device

The app offers a variety of practice tools that provide fun and rewarding feedback to musicians, from professionals to beginners. This app is more than a tuner!
What makes TonalEnergy such a popular music practice app?

It is an all-in-one application with a state of the-art tuner and advanced metronome. There are dedicated strings for orchestral and guitar tuning pages. The app also includes a keyboard, sound analysis pages and audio recording capabilities.

* It is easy to use. You can access options like the Target Tuner and Pitch Tracker from all pages. TonalEnergy allows users to set achievable and rewarding goals in rehearsals or alone. Practice is enhanced by the use of audio recording and colour analysis pages.

* The metronome’s cutting-edge technology is unmatched. You have unrivalled flexibility when it comes to sound options, tempo settings and meters. It also allows you to display subdivision patterns, visual displays, and even meters. Performers will find this tool to be superior. It has voice count-ins, preset group editing and Ableton link for sync multiple devices.

* There are many ear training options. Multi-sampled sounds of symphonic instruments that are high quality and unique are unmatched by any other tuning application. The eight-octave keyboard and chromatic wheel can help you develop listening skills. These sounds are unique.

* Learning is a social activity. TonalEnergy Tuner features allow data to be collected, edited, shared, and reviewed by others. Feedback is vital for developing and growing great performers. It all comes down to connectivity.


* Recognizes a wide pitch range that extends to lower registers than most competitors tuners (C0 to C8). This tuner is responsive to both electric and acoustic string instruments.
* Adjustable A=440 Hz reference
* Transposing can be done manually or automatically
* Instantly switches between the same, just, and other custom temperaments including user-defined ones
* Instant pitch reference notes using the TonalEnergy sound features
* Comprehensive tuning list for all instruments (orchestral and fretted), with many more features than other string-only tuner applications
* A piano keyboard with eight-octave expansion that enhances many of the essential functions of the tuner
* A chromatic wheel tone generator with an optional auto-vibrato option
* A multi-function waveform with frequency and harmonic energy overtone graphs is also available
* A dedicated metronome page that matches, or exceeds, the features on all other standalone metronome apps
*Notation options include standard English, Solfege and Northern European variants.
* All audio recording capabilities are exportable, including looping and editing.
* Compatible with clip-on vibration sensors and external microphones
* Support for external MIDI keyboard controls
* Supported for all device orientations

* Piccolo, Flute
* Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon
* Eb, Bb/A Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
* Baritone, Alto, Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
* Trumpet
* French Horn
* Tenor and bass trombone
* Euphonium, Tuba
* Sine, sawtooth and square waveforms
* Organ
* Plucked Strings

What’s new?

– Fix for Samsung S22 microphone input
Touch offset issue fixed on some devices

We are working on more features!

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