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Toca Cars’s environment is made up of recyclable cardboard, including puppies that may be behind you! Want to quickly pass through the lake, touch the tree, and then hit the parking mark once again? no problem! Just press the resume button, you can come again!

Sep 19, 2017
Size 93MB
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Get ready, friends! Toca Cars is here! Toca Cars is all about doing what you feel right. These roads are free from any rules. You can cruise through huge ice cream puddles, jump in a lake, or make a pile of mailboxes, stop lights, houses, and other necessities and drive straight through. Ready, set, GO!
Toca Cars’ world is 100% recycled cardboard. Even the dog that might chase you! You want to speed across the lake, bump into a tree and overturn the stop sign once more? You can do it! You can push the restore button to do it again.

You can arrange jumps, races and trees in Editor mode. You can build small or large jumps, and place quarter pipes in the lake. A robot might even surprise you!

Toca Cars allow you to stop following the roads and do what feels right for your body. Toca Cars can be used by children aged 3-9 years. What are you waiting to do? It’s time for you to get your engines revving!

Two fearless drivers
It doesn’t really matter if you stay off the road or go straight.
You can arrange your world however you wish
Crash’n’Restore – Don’t be alarmed if things fall over. The Restore Button will fix them.
There are no rules, stress or restrictions – you can play however you like!
Interface that is kid-friendly
There are no in-app purchases


Toca Boca believes in the power and potential of play to inspire children’s imaginations and teach them about the world. To empower children to be creative and playful, we design our products with them in mind. Our apps have been downloaded over 130 million times in 215 different countries. They offer safe and open-ended play experiences that are fun, safe, and open-ended. Toca Boca is available at

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