The Sun: Origin APK 2.1.9 + Mod

The Sun: Origin is a FPS mobile game. In the game, 2050, the sun fired in addition to the deadly rays of all humanity caught in a racial crisis. Players need to play in the game as a few survivors questioned in the die-hard survival.

Jul 7, 2022
Size 41MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Perfect crafting system! Put together your power armor!
High quality graphics in maximum settings!

A RPG-based action game set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with radiation, hunger, and disease. Only a few survivors survived the devastating attack from space on the planet. But, after a while, another catastrophe began to threaten the survivors. The main character, the Chosen from the North-216 community, will have to face it.

The post-apocalypse world. First-person shooter for survival.

The Sun Origin: Post-apocalyptic action. This is a first-person shooter that includes RPG elements, history, hundreds of tasks and a huge arsenal of weapons, armour, trade and fighting factions, prowlers, mutants and bandits. You can explore the world, find the best weapons at the merchants, and then improve them. Only the best equipment is required! Your main goal is to save the CommCommunitym from hunger. Let the fight for survival begin!

A brief background.

The sun unleashed an unprecedented surge of energy into space in 2050. This power would cause civil unrest for many centuries. Although predicted by scientists for many years, the warnings were ignored and relegated to the hands of world leaders who fought over petty territorial issues.

A storm of radioactive particles blanketed Earth in a carcinogenic, deadly fog after the energy wave struck. The fog decimated everyone equally, young, old, rich, and poor. Only those who heeded the warnings, and took refuge in abandoned bunkers, were spared.

These communities saw a new world full of chaos and desolation after their supplies ran out and they were forced to leave their shelters. The law of the gun had taken over the laws of civilisation. The few areas of arable and clean water were held by ruthless warlords.

Raven, a warrior who is only known as Raven, would rise in this world. The warrior who would save his people from the wasteland. One day, a warrior who would become a legend.

It’s quite a challenge. You or the world of the apocalypse?

All players, This game is difficult! You can’t take your eyes off of The Sun Origin: Postapocalyptic action role-playing game. It is difficult! It’s hell in this game! Only a handful of players were able to survive the harsh conditions in Wasteland since the start of the project! Wastelandu is still willing to give it a shot, so don’t be surprised if you are poisoned, starve, or die from radiation. Don’t forget to thank your friends for their warning! Only the most diligent players will have no trouble surviving in The Sun: Origin. Good luck!

What’s new?

– Added task for assembly of VSS (Vintorez>>
– VSS Models – Vintorez>>
– The latest models of knives
Other fixes and improvements

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