The Long Drive -Road Trip Game APK v1.1

The Long Drive -Road Trip Game – a little philosophical adventure of a lonely traveler through a huge desert. There is a road laid along it, which almost no one uses. The bright sun and exorbitant temperatures are aggravated by the presence of zombie rabbits here. They are always in search of food and the appearance of a person is guaranteed to make them come out of their hiding places. Well, before sending the players on a long journey, it is necessary to bring the car into proper condition, do not forget to take a rifle and more ammunition. Ahead of them are many kilometers of hot asphalt, skirmishes with enemies, as well as rare moments of rest.

Apr 8, 2022
Size 101MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Are you able to endure the long drive in a deserted area?
You received a letter from mother requesting that you visit her.
You read the letter and decided to visit her. Now you need to prepare for the long journey.

Begin by fixing up your car in the garage. Then, collect survival tools and equipment. There are many creepy creatures living in the desert hot desert such as zombie rabbits.

How to play:

Before you embark on this great journey, make sure to restore your car. Use a brush to brush your cat in the garage. Next, rub the rough paint off the car. Finally, spray paint the car with paint spray.
Pick up your fuel can from the garage to fill your car. After you’ve filled her up, take the engine oil can out and feed her.

If you see zombie rabbits looking for food, grab the gun and bullets and get up from the table. Otherwise you’ll end up with a dinner of hungry wild rabbits.
You must be aware of your fuel, engine oil and water coolant. These are vital components in the survival road trip game.
Fuel stations and abandoned buildings will be found along your journey. These buildings and stations may have valuable or life-saving goods for you.

Road trips are worth the effort because they allow you to clear your mind and give you the chance to see new places.

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What’s new?

Survival Mode added
Inventory Added (Now you can add five items into your inventory).
Addition of a Hunger and Tiredness Mode
Restaurants added
Pharmacy Added
New Constructions and Houses
Bugs fixed
Fixed issues with rabbits

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