Super Hexagon APK 2.0.190

The gameplay is very simple. There is a hollow hexagon in the center of the frame. There is a small triangle in the periphery of the frame. Click the left screen and it will move to the left along the hexagon. Right click the right screen. During the course of the game, the picture will always rotate. As the rotation occurs, a solid horizontal bar will appear and the bar will rotate toward the center as the picture rotates. The player has to do is move the small triangle to avoid these blowing the bar.

Feb 9, 2022
Size 142MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Super Hexagon is now fully up-to-date for Android 11/12
Super Hexagon, a minimalist action game from Terry Cavanagh with music by Chipzel, is called “Super Hexagon”.


“A masterpiece in design purity.” – EDGE, 9/10

“This is the game that you will pass on to your friends. They’ll say, “You’ve got to check it out!” It’s addictive and dangerously addictive. – IGN, 9/10

“Knows what kind of game it wants and executes it brilliantly.” Brilliant design meets merciless difficulty.” – Gamezebo, 5/5

What’s new?

-Super Hexagon is now fully up-to-date for Android 11/12
-Notes for patch:
– Updated Game with Android 11/12 Support
-Lossless game music and a new audio engine
-High Frame Rate Rendering on Devices with 90Hz, 120Hz and 144Hz Displays
-Android Fold/Flip Phones and Tablets now supported
– Touch input response times optimized
– Android controller support, including Razer Kishi
-UI Optimizations and Updates for a Wide Range of Aspect Ratios
– Optimized memory use and installation size

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