Stick War 3 APK v2022.1.272

Stick War 3 – a strategy with stickman, real-time battles and a purpose for PvP. Including 2 on 2. Cooperative actions and combined units will create simply enchanting chaos of fighting soldiers, detonating spells and the use of particularly destructive skills to eliminate enemy clusters. A variety of units, classes, the ability to determine their behavior in battle and other aspects will help to reveal themselves as commanders and demonstrate their excellent tactics. Well, the pretty graphics make all this also very pleasant to the eyes of the participants greedy for special effects.

Aug 12, 2022
Size 141MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Real-Time Multiplayer StrategyPVP Matches.
* You can take control of any unit at anytime!
* There is no “Pay for Power”

Get together with your friends!
* 2v2 matches
* Join your friends to battle it out!

Single-Player Modes
* Huge ever expanding campaign!
* Use AI to practice your strategies

Custom Armies
Your Battle Decks
* Select from an increasing number of Army types to unlock and collect.
* Upgrade your deck to get powerful army bonuses
* Enhancements such the “Rune of Reanimation”, which will allow any poisoned enemy unit to respawn as Zombies, will be available! They are also known as “Deads!” “.
* You can choose from spells like “Snow Squall”, which freezes entire legions, or a giant bubble that blocks all incoming projectiles.
* You can now add generals from each major nation. You can play as Prince Atreyos, leader of Speartons or Princess Kytchu, bowmaster of Archidons.

Personalize your Battlefield
* Create unique skins for your troops!
* Custom Statues Shiny Gold
* Emotes and voice lines customized

Live Replays
* Share and watch games.
* Pause, rewind, fast forward replays.
* View games from any player’s view.

Massive Growing Campaign *In Development, to be released in early 2022*
* A large campaign that includes multiple chapters is being created
* Completely animated comic book with music video cut scenes.

The in-depth world and huge storylines:
* The Order Empire, led and led by King Zarek, Zilaros, the Royal Hand, has defeated the Chaos Empire. You discover Medusa is dead. You will embark on an adventure that will change your life. Strategy and war are your rewards!

In an Inamorta world, weapons are considered religion, the fight for dominance is ongoing. The traditional cast of nations continues to thrive. The Swordwrath and Speartons, Archidons and Magikill join many other countries. Each country has its own fighting style such as the “Sicklewrath”, which ranges from simple farmers to dangerous splash damage warriors. The Chaos Empires are ranged unit “Eclipsors”, which are bat-like creatures that shoot arrows from the sky. These are just a few of the many ninja assassins known as “Shadowrath”.

What’s new?

-The Bomber is back! A Chaos unit that explodes when it comes in contact with an enemy, causing AOE damage.
-You can now mix and match armour sets. Choose an Iron helmet or a Leafy shield. You decide.
-Performance improvements to the core engine.
– Complex effects in the game are now less noticeable when the set is low-quality.

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