Squirrel Simulator 2 : Online APK v1.07

You can climb trees and fly from tree to tree. Being in the skin of a clever rodent, you will have to get through many exciting adventures, including fighting online in the Royal Arena against real players!

Apr 1, 2021
Size 75MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

You can climb trees, and even fly from one tree to the next. You will be able to live in the body of a smart rodent and have many thrilling adventures.
– BIG FAMILY. You can get married at level 10. Your partner will take care of you, and he’ll help you fight against enemies. You can have your first child at level 20. You can also have another baby when your child is grown up. The army of squirrels will make even a wolf tremble!

– ONLINE. The Royal Arena is an online battle that you are waiting for. You can use various power UPSs scattered around the Arena. The fireball does a lot of damage, while the ice ball freezes. The shield absorbs all damage and prevents lightning from happening.

– HOLLOW. You can collect mushrooms, berries, and acorns which can be used to improve the character, replenish the family, or to buy a new hollow. You can create a nest from branches in the hollow to rest sweetly.

– CHARACTERS. An Astronaut who leaps above the trees. A Knight who is brave and unfearful. Lightning that runs fastest You are welcome to join the Pilot, Bounty Hunter and Cyborg teams.

– TROPHIES. Each hollow will have a trophy you must earn by passing an exciting test. “Treasure chest”, “Heart of Immortality” and “Heart of Immortality”, will make characters more affordable, while “Heart of Immortality”, will make your family resilient. “Sandals of Speed”, will increase your speed, and “Crown of Excellence,” will allow you to become a super-character.

– WEALTH, KINGDOMS, ADVENTURES. There are many animal kingdoms that rule the forest. Take down the enemies leaders and you will have a lot more coins. Make your Kingdom stronger. Although the king of mice is easiest to defeat, a hare or raccoon will follow him. The badger and snake will be deadly. Only knights who are truly skilled will be able to take on the wolf king.

If you find a bug in the game, please write us an email at [email protected]

Enjoy a great game. Sincerely, Avelog.

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