Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space!

Apr 20, 2022
Size 102 MB
Requires Android 4.4

SPACEFLIGHT SIMULATOR – This game lets you build your rocket from pieces and launch it into space.

* You can use parts to make any rocket you like!
* Completely accurate rocket Physics!
* Planets realistically scaled!
* The universe is open, so if there’s something you can see in the distance, it’s possible to go there. There are no boundaries and no invisible walls.
* Realistic orbital mechanics
* Land on Mars or the Moon, orbit, and reach orbit!
* Create your favourite SpaceX Apollo or NASA launch!

Current moons and planets
* Mercury
* Venus (A planet with a dense, hot atmosphere).
* Earth ( Our home, our pale blue dot 🙂 )
* Moon (Our celestial neighbor)
* Mars (The red planet with thin atmosphere)
* Phobos is a Mars inner moon with low gravity and rough terrain.
* Deimos (Mars outer moon, extremely low gravity and smooth surface)

What’s new?

– List of added achievements
– Classic mode with added space
– 3x Physics Timewarp Added
– Added orbits of elliptical planets
– Video tutorials moved from home to hub/build/world
-Additional purchase discounts

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