Space RPG 3 APK v1.2.0.5

Space RPG 3 – the game is a cross between rifle and strategy, while the creator of Space RPG 3 drew ideas in the best desktop projects of similar themes.

Dec 21, 2021
Size 30MB
Requires Android
2.3 and up

Space RPG: The next game! *English only** I am afraid.

You can help me improve the game by reporting bugs to Google, or emailing me directly. Thanks!

-Explore a vast universe that contains over 100 star systems
– More ship types, weapons, and upgrades than ever before!
-Visible weapons and constraint-turret arcs are available for more detailed outfitting and tactical gameplay.
– Space-themed artwork
-Space battle action for thrills! Fight aliens and pirates!
– Two main campaign stories, plus secret side missions that allow for replayability.
– AI behavior improved
– Improved features for conquering the endgame
– Keep your ships at your station in your garage.
-This one even has a racetrack

Space RPG 3 offers excellent role-playing adventures. Are you looking to make a fortune on trade routes? Pirate goods on other ships? Continue the main story. Explore, take side missions and go off. You have the freedom to choose! Space RPG 3 is inspired by Escape Velocity and will keep you busy for hours!

To earn credits, explore new trade routes and commodities! Are you able to identify the most profitable trade routes?

Spend your credits on new ships and weapons or upgrades What type of ship is best for you? A cargo ship or a warship? Warship? Are you quick and agile or sturdy and slow? Are you going to use all of your ship’s mass point for upgrades? Or max out your weaponry? There are so many choices! …. How will you choose to play?

You can actually fight in time-space! Hyper-jump into systems and the alarm goes off! Pirates! You only have a few torpedoes and pirates hunt in groups. Can you survive? !

Space RPG 3 has two stories to keep you interested. You can take on different missions for your faction to advance in the ranks. You can also find secret side missions that will satisfy your hunger for more!

Do you need some assistance?
Are you looking to earn more credit? Trade! You can trade commodities on every planet at different prices. Find the best routes to trade and build your way up to large ships that can carry a lot of cargo.
Do not take on too many missions at one time; passengers may get annoyed by being flown halfway around the galaxy.
– You can save your game whenever you land. It is a good idea for anyone to land before they do anything dangerous.

What’s new?

Game exit crash bug fixed
Promo link for Space RPG 4 added:

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