Smoke & Glass Icon Pack 12.0.1 Apk Patched

I had an idea about doing an icon set with smoke and glass. It’s been a while underway, because (much like my Freehand efforts), these icons take absolutely forever to make, but I personally think it’s been worth the effort!

DEVELOPER DrumDestroyer Themes
March 10, 2022
Requires Android
5.0 and up
An icon set made with smoke and glass was something I thought of. Although it took a while to complete, much like my Freehand efforts, these icons are extremely time-consuming, but I think it was worth the effort.
Each icon is designed to look like an app’s essence floating in smoke-filled glass balls. According to my wife, they look like old-fashioned glassy marbles with paint threads in them. She is right. They look amazing, regardless of how they look. I’m glad to share the results with you all.

To ensure that icons appear consistent, I use masking and shaders.

As per tradition, you’ll find a dashboard (Candybar), some wallpapers, links, and information about my social media accounts, and links to other online resources. You can also access a robust IconRequest function and some cool wallpapers on my server.

Apply-buttons are available for all major launchers. These launchers are supported in various ways. While the big ones work great, some may not work. Stock launchers don’t usually support icon packs.

– Download the app and then open it.
To apply the icon packs, select your launcher.
Swipe left/right for navigation between tabs/pages
Choose “Wallpapers” and choose one of the cool wallpapers.

If your launcher does not support the dashboard apply fragment, then you may be able to apply the icons through the launcher’s control panels.

To change the theme of an app, hold down on the icon and click “Edit”.

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