Smash the Dummy APK v1.0.3

Relieve your stress and give payback to people who annoy you through our gore bloody punching game! Punch face, beat up, shoot, and kick the dummy or the virtual voodoo doll. Use any weapons you can or use your magic wand to defeat the rag-doll and kick the boss. If you feel like you want to kick buddy or beat boss, just play this punching game as stress relievers.

Jul 27, 2020
Size 66MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Our bloody punching game will help you relieve stress and pay back to those who bother you. Punch, kick, punch, and shoot the virtual voodoo doll or dummy. You can use any weapon you have or your magic wand, to defeat the rag doll and kick the boss. This punching game can be used to relieve stress and anger if you feel the need to kick your boss or buddy. Perhaps you just want to beat your boss or kick buddy. You can’t do that in real life. Stress relievers are necessary. You will need stress relievers. It can FIGHT BACK! You will lose if you don’t get it out quickly. This will give you the motivation to continue punching, shooting, throwing, and beating up your enemy, or boss.

You can earn more gold by playing more and beating your virtual enemies. What can you do to earn gold? It can be used to unlock weapons or magic spells that you can use. Watch short videos to unlock Weapons and Magic Spells free of charge.
You can make the rag doll/ dummy with weapons a lot more interesting:
Punch the face or other parts.
Throw cubes.
Hit with a baseball bat
Throw basketball/soccerball
Use the slap machine
Throw Jelly cannon
Air grenade
Use an elastic ball
Use a nerf gun to shoot
Paintball guns are great for shooting
Make it rain, or windy.
Strikes using various weapons
Bombs, shockers and axes are some of the weapons you can use.
Toss flowers, tomatoes, pumpkins and watermelon
Use bows and arrows to shoot.
Nunchaku, shurikens and grand pianos.
Magic Spells: What can they do?
Wave your hands
Ride the bull
Robo taunt
Rodeo dance
Clap hands
Shadow boxing
Shoulder Wave
The behind should be shaken
The magic wand can be used to randomly punch, kick, shoot, beat up and shock the rag doll. This is a great stress reliever, as you don’t need to think about which spells or weapons to use.
Open our app whenever you feel the need to kick buddy, beat boss or pay back to your enemies.

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