SimpleRockets APK 1.6.11

“SimpleRockets”, so cool, I feel like a scientist, let the rocket off, how a sense of accomplishment. Players can make any transformation of their rocket, different transformation will result in different effects, see how high your rocket can fly it!

Jun 1, 2018
Size 23MB
Requires Android
2.2 and up

Your rocket ships are designed. Spaceflight. Exploring the solar system. Find out if you are a rocket scientist.
To build rocket ships, you can choose and connect parts. There are many options for rocket engines, fuel tanks and other widgets. Even powered wheels can be built into rovers. You only have your imagination.

You can blast off from any planet that you choose. Fly through Venus’s intense atmosphere, or use Mercury’s low gravity. You can fly around the sun to reach the outer reaches of our solar system.

There are many challenges in the game. You can compete to see who can fly the furthest, with the most fuel, or land on the moon.

The equations were written by Kepler 400 years ago. SimpleRockets makes use of those equations to create very realistic orbital physics. While having fun exploring the solar system, players will learn rocket science and astrodynamics. SimpleRockets is a great choice for classrooms or as a healthy alternative in the App Store’s slew of brainless games.

What’s new?

SimpleRockets 2 is now available. We’ll soon release SR2 for Steam Early Access. Make sure you add it to your Steam wishlist. More information is available at


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