Resistor Scanner (Donate) 3.0.0 Apk

This is the Donate version of my Resistor Scanner app. If you liked the free version, want to get rid of the ads and support further development, consider buying this version.

September 14, 2019
Varies with device
Version 3.0.0
Requires Android
Varies with device
This is my Resistor Scanner App’s Donate Version. This version is for those who liked the free version but want to remove the ads and support future development.

This version is not for sale. You can try the free trial first! This version doesn’t offer any extra features or better detection. Only the ads in the free version are different (as well as the extra support that you get with this one).

Are you tired of searching for resistor color codes? This app allows you to take a photo of any resistor and get its resistance!

To allow the app to detect/find it correctly, the resistor must be horizontally placed on the image.
Some colors are dependent on the device. Please adjust the “tendency sliders” in the settings.

– Automatic detection: The app detects the resistor automatically and analyzes the rings.
– Aligned live detect: Align the resistor and the rectangle to instantly get the resistance
Automatic live detection: Similar to the automatic detection but live!
Manual adjustment: The correct rings were not found To correct the rings, could you tap on them?
– Manual mode: Select the ring color and set the resistance
– Detect multiple resistors at once
– Exposure Compensation
– Manual tuning of color tendencies.
Zoom, flash and other focus modes
Focus – Touch the focus
Load images from our gallery

Send me an email (attach screenshots) if there are any issues

* Hold the resistor horizontally with the tolerance ring to your right

What’s new

+++ Camera interface rework +++
+++ Manual focus added (focus with a slider).
+++ Focus should be able to work much better on all devices right now +++
+++ White balance adjustment +++
+++ Option to remove ads from the app instead of purchasing the Donate version +++
– – – Live detection temporarily disabled


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