Real Gangster Crime MOD APK 5.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

In this free game, you must try to go adventure crime saga to the pinnacle of mafia city. The price of success in this gang world is very …

May 26, 2022
Size 98 MB
Version 5.8.1
Requires Android 4.1

You might enjoy crime gaming by playing our mafia gangster simulation. You will always find the criminal underworld in the streets of your town. This free game will allow you to adventure crime saga up to the top of mafia cities. This gang world is extremely competitive. Few people can achieve the top. You can test your skills in a thrilling 3D third-person shooter featuring RPG elements. Then, you can dive into the street gang warfare atmosphere in an open 3D environment. Your adventure missions are available in the big city. In all its splendor, you will find a dangerous and exciting world where harsh laws are applied. You are now ready to put your skills to the test. Show everyone who is a real gangster, get rid of all fakes, and create a huge underground empire.

Huge modern city
The plot of the game takes place in a large, modern city that is surrounded by ghetto streets. This city is a oasis in the desert, with its tall skyscrapers as well as its luxurious lifestyle. This sinful city never sleeps and draws all those who are brave enough to take on the stone jungle lit by its lights. This exciting crime adventure will bring you glory and success.

Exciting quests
You will find exciting adventure missions to help you get the game resources you need to complete more difficult tasks. It will be a rough street life, where everyone is responsible for his own actions. Concentration is required on the streets of the world. There are gangs that wage war with each other and crazy bullets flying here. You will be able to pass interesting adventure missions if you know the rules of this vice city.

Bunch of weapons
You will have a rich arsenal that will keep you occupied. It helps combat gangsters. Cool, pumped guns will get you through the game. You will improve your agility, stamina and control of weapons. You will find many options in the weapons shop. There is something for everyone. You can find everything you need, from the smallest knife to the most powerful machine guns. You are free to arm yourself up to the limit; no one can stop you.

Be cool, dude!
You can personalize your character to make him stand out. Your hero’s image can be changed at any time. A large clothing shop is available for your gangster. You will find hats and baseball caps, sunglasses, masks, glasses as well as funny costumes, wigs and stylish shoes. You can increase your hero’s stamina, health, agility and health by wearing various clothing items. Certain items can give you extra superpowers.

You can also purchase body armor and a first aid kit from the shop. These useful items can also be found in the streets of the town or taken from your enemies. You will be able to withstand battle if you prepare for protection and restoration of your health.

There are many vehicles to choose from in the game. You can choose between sports cars and ordinary city cars. You will also find powerful motorcycles that allow you to escape the pursuit quickly. You will find a powerful, heavily-armed tank waiting for you. The tank is the best tool in the game and no mafia man can stop you from using it.

There are many free resources available on the city map. These include money, ammo and weapons. All you have to do is find them. You can also hijack any vehicle.

You can explore the world, find new activities and play a free game. You can also drive around in your car and listen to the music.
Enjoy the adventure!

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