PSPlay: PS5 & PS4 Remote Play APK v5.3.0

PSPlay: Unlimited PS Remote Play (PS5/ PS4) – unofficial, fan-made app, in fact, is much more convenient and comfortable than the original product. At the same time, the presented SOFTWARE can boast of the absence of many restrictions, due to which users may feel at a disadvantage when playing or broadcasting the gameplay. Of course, with all the functionality, the project is very demanding in terms of hardware and stability of the Internet connection. So everyone interested should take care of the availability of the required characteristics for the subsequent trouble-free use of the program’s features.

Jun 20, 2022
Size 43MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

PSPlay allows remote control of your PS5/ PS4 with no restrictions. Play your favorite games while you’re away from home (more info below*). PSPlay is optimized for streaming with the lowest latency possible. Support for third-party controllers and mobile data connections is available.
There are some differences from the official PS Remote Play app
* Support for Dualsense/Dualshock and 3rd Party Controllers on all Android devices
* PSPlay allows you to use mobile data*
* Supports Android TV devices
* Gamepad button mapping support
* Multiple PS5/ PS4 profiles can be registered
* Allows for customization of the onscreen gamepad layout
* PSPlay supports rooted devices
* PSPlay can be used as virtual Dualshock on your PS5/ PS4
* Compatible with older firmware versions starting at 5.05 or newer
* Picture-In–Picture mode (requires Android 8.x or higher)
* Support for multi-windows (requires Android 7.0 or higher)
* You can record and capture your screen * (3rd party app required).

Hardware recommendations
Highly recommended: Dual-core CPU
* RAM: 2 GB or More
* 1024×768 or higher display resolution
* It is highly recommended that you have a wired internet connection to your PS5/ PS4 console.
* To avoid any delays, your device should be connected via WiFi at 5GHz.
* High-speed internet connection that allows uploading and downloading speeds of at least 15 Mbit/s

PSPlay allows remote control of any PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 game that supports Remote Play. You can play games such as Fortnite, Fortnite and Crash Bandicoot on your PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 device. You can also use PSPlay to create a virtual Dualshock gaming pad for your PS5/ PS4.

Main Features
– Simple Connection Setup
Streaming from your PS5/ PS4 directly to your device at low latency
Support for Dualshock and Third Party Controllers on all Android devices
PSPlay can be used as a virtual Dualshock controller on your PS5/ PS4


Demonstration video
– (<- subscribe to these guys :D)

Probleme with the PSN login

Only users who have PS4 firmware 7.0 and later are affected by this problem. To get your PSN Account ID, a PSN login is required. Some users have reported issues with the PSN login. If you are having trouble logging into your PSN account please tell me your PSN username and I will locate your PSN-Account ID. Send me an email and I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible. You can find more information here

If you have any other problems or suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I will respond as quickly as possible. You can find all information regarding PSPlay here.

PSPlay is compatible with the most recent PS5/ PS4 firmware. If you have not upgraded to the latest PS5/ PS4 firmware, please do so until PSPlay is working again. If PSPlay stops working after you have updated, I will need to take some time to fix it. Keep that in mind.

* Please Note: These are the steps to follow if you wish to play online.

Disclaimer: PS5, PS4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 are Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Dualsense, Dualshock, and PSN are Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

What’s new?

Enjoy PS5/ PS4 Remote play without any limitations
* Dualshock/Dualsense support
* Support for 3rd Party gamepads
* Register multiple PS5/PS4 accounts
* You can customize the layout of your screen
* Play on Root Devices
* Gamepad button mapping support

-What’s new in this version
– Video decoder improvements
-Optimizations for the Odin gamepad
– Bug fixes and improvements
– Relative analog stick position

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