Power Audio Equalizer FX APK v1.1.0 build 20

Power Audio Equalizer FX – a ten-band equalizer that will appeal to users who want to expand their capabilities when listening to music. The project perfectly interacts with an extensive set of audio players, provides high sound quality, and also provides a choice of various settings that help achieve impressive results. There are also presets that will help save time. It is enough to choose the optimal one, and then set subtle parameters so that everything eventually turns out to be as pleasant as possible for the hearing of a particular person. And all this with a convenient and quite nice interface.

Jun 19, 2022
Size 164KB
Requires Android
4.1 and up

It can be used as a Sound Booster.

Musical EQ is easy to use
Power Audio Equalizer utilizes the powerful sound engine of RE Equalizer to produce the best audio results. You can now enjoy high-quality music through headphones or speakers by pairing Power Audio Equalizer and music or audio apps.

Amplify your sound
Power Audio Equalizer is a high-performance 10-Band equalizer that includes a bass booster, volume amp, and sound balance settings. This allows for more precise sound tuning.

– Supports audio and music apps like Youtube Music, Google Play Music and Spotify.
– Compatible with global (system) audio output devices to improve sound effect compatibility
– The optimized new DSP now includes a 10-Band equalizer, which offers +/-15dB boost/cut range and adjustable power levels
– Pre-amp power amplifier effect, with an optional volume boost up to 45dB
– Audio effects can include a bass boost to increase bass and virtual surround sound with up to 10dB adjustment
-Loudness Enhancer effect
– Sound Balance control to adjust stereo output volume.
– High-quality music visualizer that displays real-time peak and RMS values
– You can customize your equalizer presets (Flat and Rock, Pop, Dance Classic, HipHop HipHop, Acoustic, etc.)
– Supports a variety of audio devices, including headphones, headsets and speakers as well as Bluetooth sound systems.
– User support and regular updates

Power Audio Equalizer is an important update in the music- and audio class. It offers a wide variety of sound effects that can enhance your audio. It can be used with any music or video player.

Install the Power Audio Equalizer app
-Play music using the music player
-Open Power Audio Equalizer App and adjust the sound levels
For best results, use headphones or speakers

We value your feedback and consider it important. Contact us at any time.
Power EQ does not come with any other software, but it is a standalone app.

What’s new?

– Amplifier effect
– Custom presets are now available and sound quality has been improved
Global Gain was added to resolve Gain issues on certain devices
– Balance feature added for Android 9 and above
– Additional controls in the main notification
– Assign/select presets using Bluetooth / Wired
– Bugs/Crash Fixes

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