Otherworld Legends APK 1.12.7 + Mod

The characters in the game have different styles and distinctive features, covering a variety of combat methods such as close combat, mechanical support, heavy meat shields, and long-range attacks. The game creates a random dungeon full of more possibilities for players.

May 20, 2022
Size 170MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Asurendra summons the best warriors from all time periods and places to the mirage. They go through many trials before finally coming to terms with the long-buried secret ….”.
pixel roguelike action RPG. We’re waiting for you to be the warrior that we have been looking for. You will be able:
* Discover beautiful otherworlds such as tranquil bamboo grooves and zen patios, grand underworld tombs, or dreamy Mirage Palaces.

* Master heroes with an overwhelming power and fiery temper.
* Find the most interesting and humorous items to collect and combine them for the best build.
Every playthrough, together with the randomly generated Dungeon World, is an exciting experience.

Main Features
* Easy Control: Smooth, punchy combat with intuitive controls! You only need to tap for super combos.
* Differentiated Heroes: Choose from many heroes, each with its own fighting style. Melee, ranged, magic. You can always have your cup of tea.
* Enemies for All: There are many enemies, bosses and scenes. These range from tall knights to cute, small monsters. Grab a fight by crawling through the dungeon!
* Countless Builds – Collect an assortment of items that offer a variety of bonuses. You can mix and match items to create your ideal item build. Find the best combination of items that suits your fighting style.
* Randomly generated dungeons – Prepare for all the surprises in this roguelike world, including random enemies, secret rooms and hidden shops. Be a hero by fighting with unnamed bosses.
* Assisted Control
* Exquisitepixel Art: An amazing mix of 2D and 3-D pixel art styles, and hand-drawn animations.

Get Otherworld Legends now! This offline pixel-action RPG lets you fight with powerful monsters. Will you make it to the final round of this survival game?

What’s new?

Fixed bugs include:
*Heroes will be sent from the map to the Berserkers Altar-style Display Room.
*Scenes did not sync in co-op mode.
*If you had Suffocating Sash you could see inconsistencies in your max health.
In certain circumstances, *UI buttons didn’t respond.
*The glop and slime variant was spawned at the wrong place.

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