Northgard APK v1.7.5

Northgard – this is an exciting strategy game that will immerse you in the world of Vikings and Scandinavian spirits. Become the leader of a powerful Viking clan and go to conquer new northern lands. Engage in the construction and development of your new settlement, extract resources and distribute them, fight the undead and glorify your clan!

Apr 19, 2022
Size 1.01GB
Requires Android
8.0 and up

Northgard is a strategy game that uses Norse mythology. In it, you control a Clan if Vikings who are fighting for control of a mysterious newfound land.
After many years of relentless explorations, brave Vikings discovered a new land full of mystery, danger, riches: NORTHGARD.

The Northmen who are the most daring have set sail to conquer and explore these new shores. They also bring glory to their Clan, and write history through trading, conquest, and devotion to the Gods.

This is only if they can survive and defeat the Wolves, and Undead Warriors that roam the land.

* Set up your settlement in the newly discovered Northgard continent
* Assign your Vikings various jobs (Farmer/Warrior/Sailor, Loremaster …)
* Use to manage your resources and survive harsh winters.
* Explore new territories with unique strategic opportunities and expand
* Obtain different victory conditions: Conquest, Fame and Lore, Trading …)

The Viking High Kings are murdered and his Regal Horn stolen by a man called Hagen.
This event launches a story that will see Rig and his heir, along with his right-hand man Brand, through the new continent Northgard.
He will discover new friends and foes on the continent and a greater threat than Hagen. Also, he will learn more about the motives behind his father’s assassination .

* You can play with and against mobile players up to 6 players
* This includes Duel, Free for all, and Teamplay modes

The 11 campaign chapters will require the player to learn the six primary clans as well as the Northgard.

There are more clans joining the fight for Northgard.
* Clan of the Snake Take the initiative with cunning guerilla tactics and act from the shadows
* Clan of the Dragon Accept the old ways, and please the gods through sacrifices
* Clan the Kraken: Unleash the brutal power of the sea to harness its bounty
The DLCs can be purchased separately or combined with the Scale Bundle to unlock the clans Dragon, Snake, and Kraken.

* Clan of the Horse Learn blacksmithing and create powerful Relics
* Clan Of The Ox: Get ancestral equipment and show the might of your forefathers
* Clan the Lynx Follow Nature’s lead and lure mythical preys into your ambushes
The DLCs can be purchased separately or combined with the Fur Bundle to unlock the Clans of the Horse and Ox.

Redesigned to be mobile
* Redesigned interface
* Accomplishments
Cloud Save – You can share your progress between Android devices

If you run into a problem, please contact us at [email protected] with as much information as possible on the issue, or check our FAQ at

What’s new?

Minor repairs:
– The tooltip for the tower upgrade is fixed
– The window that is linked to the selection of a giant in story mode has been fixed
– DLC content should be always available, even when the player is offline

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