Nimian Legends : BrightRidge APK 8.1

First, let’s look at this utterly open fantasy continent, Nimian Legends: BrightRidge. The game name a German light mountain is a place in the game, the player’s main activity area is here – for example, the first building encountered is a bright mountain hotel. Of course, as an open world, this gives the player the greatest freedom, that is, there is almost no air wall, the player can hell and mountain, free to explore: distant mountains can go straight up, encounter the river directly go swimming. Although I think it is too free, players can even “stand upright” on a 90-degree cliff.

Mar 4, 2019
Size 23MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Explore a beautiful, hand-crafted OPEN-WORLD RPG Fantasy WILDERNESS. Swim, swim, and fly through stunning waterfalls and rivers. You can transform into powerful dragons, swift-footed deer, or soaring eagles. BrightRidge is available now.
A minimum requirement is a 4 core 2ghz CPU with at least 2 gb RAM.

Thank you to all the Android community members for supporting my game. We are grateful for your encouragement and support. BrightRidge is my solo game development project. This world was fun to create, and I hope that you will enjoy exploring it.

Are you ready for adventure? Two magical adventures in Story Mode include the Ballad of BrightRidge or Love & Tin. You can also choose Explore mode to explore BrightRidge and not encounter any enemies or quests. Is there an ancient whale that lives in the oceans and can you find it? Or the hidden ruins scattered across the landscape?

BrightRidge can be viewed from a different perspective thanks to the ability to transform into multiple species. Fly high as a golden Eagle or winged dragon through the skies. You can run through the forest with a wily Fox or a dashing Deer. Fan favorite: A Tree Ent can strut through the landscape as a tall tree and then flutter among the flowers as a butterfly. ).

You can become a photographer of nature and capture beautiful photos of this vast and stunning landscape. Do you want to capture a deer snoring by the river? Perhaps you want to capture an ancient sunset amongst the ancient ruins. You need help tracking down the animals? Your Spirit View can help you track the animals and their habitats.

You can customize virtually anything with the many options available. You can change the day and turn on Watercolor mode to create a living painting. Add effects and filters and you can even adjust the time. For a more immersive and beautiful experience, you can increase the detail on older devices.

There are many Legend Spots scattered across the country, waiting to be discovered. Each tells you a little about BrightRidge’s history, people and places. You can also visit BrightRidge Inn’s cozy halls and dance or listen to the stories of the guests.

It’s all right here. You can expect rainstorms, thunder and lightning, light breezes, gusting winds, and even quiet snowfalls. You can also change the weather as you go.

There is no rush. Do you feel panicky, anxious, or stressed? You can choose Explore Mode and breathe to explore BrightRidge’s wild rivers, valleys and waterfalls at your own pace.

+ No ads
+ No in-game purchases

I would like to thank everyone who left a review. Each review, positive or negative, helps me to understand the game’s real-world operation and I appreciate each one. BrightRidge’s popularity is a great encouragement for a solo developer like me:

BrightRidge is set in Nimian Legends, a fantasy world created by Nimian Legends. See the interactive map at

Thanks to Jack, Liam, Curtis and DK_1287 for their support and testing BrightRidge. It is difficult to manage a project this large on my own. Your support and encouragement helped me get through the tough times.

NOTE: Blue graphics problems can be resolved in most cases by selecting OPTIONS>> PLAYGROUND> RESOLUTION> FORWARD RENDER. In the Options screens, you can change resolution, quality and other settings.

You can often fix a game that closes after it has displayed the logo by restarting your device.

What’s new?

Fallback support for unidentified gamepads
Support for expanded gamepads

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