NES.emu APK v1.5.55

NES.emu – an application whose name fully reflects its properties and purpose. The project will please you not only with the opportunity to enjoy old-school versions of games, but also with the wide range of supported mobile gadgets. Gamers should not have any special difficulties with the compatibility and adequate operation of the product. At the same time, the program also has a lot of interesting features that help you get the most out of it. You will also like the control settings, which will save you from the extremely inconvenient location of the keys on the screen. In general, NES. emu is a great find for anyone who wants to play without difficulties and obstacles.

Jul 17, 2022
Size 4.3MB
Version 1.5.55
Requires Android
Varies with device

Famicom, an advanced open-source NES emulator (known in Japan as Famicom) is based on FCEUX. It has a minimalist UI focusing on audio/video latency. It supports a wide range of devices, including the original Xperia Play and modern devices such as the Nvidia Shield or Pixel phones.
These features include:
* Supports.nes/.unf file formats, which can be optionally compressed using ZIP, RAR or 7Z
* Famicom Disk System Emulation using.fds Files (select BIOS from the options).
* VS UniSystem support. Push Start to insert coins
* Allows for FCEU-compatible cheat files with.cht extension and editing features
* Touch screen to fire, touch and hold outside the display area to simulate firing from the TV.
* On-screen configurable controls
* Bluetooth/USB keyboard and gamepad support compatible with all HID devices recognized by the OS, such as Xbox and PS4 controllers

This app does not include ROMs and the user must supply them. It supports Android’s storage accessibility framework, which allows you to open files on internal and external storage (SD Cards, USB drives, etc.). ).

Report any device-specific issues or crashes via email (including device name and OS version), or GitHub. This will ensure that future updates are available on as many devices possible.

What’s new?

* Add an option that allows the virtual controls to overlap with the display cutout/notch on a phone’s screen
* Support for app content being displayed edge-to-edge behind OS status and navigation bars
* Improve DualShock 4 gamepad detection
* Add default visible video lines option
* Increase support for Hyper Shot controller and light gun
* TXC & TXB mappers updated
* Add.unif possible ROM extensions
* Increase FDS-eject wait time by 2 seconds for certain games to detect disk changes

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