MoonLighter APK v1.13.15

MoonLighter is a well-known name in the dungeon exploration action RPGs. When you understand the sense of comedy in this game, you may know why it climbed to a fairly high rank among all the unique games on mobile.

Jan 11, 2022
Size 326MB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

Be a hero
A set of Gates was discovered during a long-standing archaeological excavation. These ancient passages lead to other realms and dimensions, providing treasures for reckless and brave adventurers. Rynoka was a small village that allowed adventurers to make a living and sell their hard-earned wealth.

Moonlighter is an Action RPG that features rogue-lite elements. It follows Will’s everyday routines and focuses on his dreams of becoming an adventure shopkeeper.

Moonlighter’s mobile version introduces new intuitive controls that allow you to efficiently manage your shop, and quickly deal with dangers lurking in the darkest dungeons. To customize the experience for your gaming needs, you can choose from Normal, Hard, or Easy difficulty. Touch & Swipe will be the default control scheme and best way to play the game. However, you can still use classic Virtual Joysticks to enjoy Moonlighter.


You can sell items, set the price, supervise gold reserves, hire assistants, and improve your shop while running a business in Rynoka village. Some shady people may try to steal your valuable wares, so be careful!

Use natural, simple-to-learn touch controls to defeat bosses and other enemies. Your survival depends on mastering your weapons and timing, as well as understanding your environment and enemies. It is up to YOU how you fight your enemies!

As you help restore the economic prosperity of this small community, get to know your neighbors. Rynoka is a beautiful community that encourages new business establishments and helps them to grow.

It is important to understand the crafting and enchanting systems in order to progress. You can interact with the villager to create new armor or weapons and enchant your existing equipment. This allows for great flexibility and enhances the use of equipment.

You can access other worldly realms by opening gates that allow you to collect valuable items from exotic civilisations. These include weapons, armors and resources. It is not possible to hoard everything. Instead, use the unique inventory system to find the most lucrative loot.

Nine companions will gladly assist you in the most difficult situations. Each companion comes with its own mechanics. They can be used to damage enemies, restore life, obtain items, or act as additional chests.

To unlock New Game+ mode, complete the main adventure. This mode offers additional challenges, weapons and other options.

What’s new?

Backend fixes

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