Mighty DOOM APK 0.12.0 + Mod

The game has the freedom to choose a variety of weapons and enjoy an interesting shooting game. Bibi sees who can survive to the end, stick to it and become the last survivor.

DEVELOPER Bethesda Softworks LLC
Updated 2022-05-20
Version 0.12.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
This top-down, single-touch, roguelite shooter lets you battle mini demon hordes set in Mighty DOOM’s animated DOOM universe.

This arcade-action, single-touch shooter lets you descend into miniature versions of the iconic DOOM worlds. As you level up, unlock powerful skills, upgrade your gear and get new weapons, blast through hundreds of levels.

Get Mighty DOOM to stand up against the demons

– Don’t stop shooting your guns, standing or moving.
– Use touch controls to avoid melee demons, dodge ranged enemies and get in for the Glory Kill.
– A challenging gameplay that is easy to learn, but requires great demon-slaying skills to master.

To blast multiple demons in a single shot, equip and fire secondary weapons such as the Rocket Launcher.
To inflict maximum damage, activate the Chainsaw and BFG.

– Send them up using mini versions of famous DOOM locations.
– Take on as many demons of pocket size as your heart can bear.
– Should you fall, get up and fight again to push on through the enemy horde.

Prepare for battle by leveling up your Mini Slayer.
– Use fuse equipment to create legendary gear.
Choose your favorite Mini Slayer and gain buffs to improve your demon-slaying abilities.
As you conquer Hell’s armies, unlock incredible abilities and crazy combos.
Upgrade your Mini Slayer and equip it with legendary weapons such as the Plasma Rifle or Rocket Launcher from the BFG (Best Free Game).

Boss fights drive the action to overdrive
– Battle bosses with unique strategies and attacks.
Mini versions of DOOM bosses such as the Hell Priest, Baron, Baron, and Baron of Hell can be beaten.

You can tear down anything when you become the Mini Slayer, and complete hundreds of difficult levels in Mighty DOOM.

What’s new

– New Weapon: Ballista
– New Launchers: Arc Launcher, Acid Spit
– Brand New Gear Sets: Cryo. Hellfire. Charge. And Barrage
– New Elemental Damage System
– Google Play Games integration (save will persist across devices using the same account).
– Improved Crucible and Chainsaw ultimate weapon sequences
– Other bug fixes and improvements


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