Merge Manor : Sunny House APK 1.0.97 + Mod

It is a warm and healing simulation business game. In this magical and magical manor, you can grow fruits and vegetables, raise animals, build a paradise, collect collections, and explore underground caves.

Updated 2022-05-20
Version 1.0.97
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Grandma? Where are you? !
Sunny’s family home has been the scene of something strange! Reveal the secret family story and renovate the house.
Sunny can use a combination of items to decorate and design the garden at his mansion.
Sunny will lead the quest to uncover the mystery of the mysterious manor. Discover a tale full of twists, turns and surprises!
Sunny can be helped while you relax and solve the puzzles that combine different themes.
Merge Manor: Sunny House will keep your mood sunny with Sunny House

Game Features

– Renovate, decorate, and expand your garden or mansion in unique locations that tie in with the story.

You can redesign, rebuild, and customize everything as you wish. Sunny’s House will allow you to manage renovations of multiple parts of your estate, including the fa├žade of your home, fountains, old lake, beehives and dog houses. You will receive tons of awards for completing the renovation of the entire garden and mansion.

– Match flowers to solve hundreds of addictive blast merging levels!

Stars are a great way to achieve your design goals. You will need to play merging game, which are many in Sunny House. While some of these can be difficult, there are rewards (such as boosters!) that you will receive throughout the game. These can be used to help you solve those tricky, but fun merge blast merges!

– ENJOY the plot twists and discover hidden secrets and mysteries as you go!

Sunny’s House is more than a decorating and merging game. It has an exciting story that makes it stand out! Meet many characters and interact with them. Be prepared for some amazing encounters, from the oddest (but adorable!) to the most interesting! From a neighbor to new family members, and even four-legged friends,

Explore the garden with hidden objects and dozens flowers to unlock secret areas

You will remodel a large garden that is full of secrets and mysteries. You will discover new areas and come across many surprises as you progress in the game. Additionally, you will be given multiple enigmas to solve.

See RELATED to learn more about the mansion.

Sunny’s House is a great way to relax, aside from being a beautiful and fun game. You can take a break from all your stress and get lost in the world of yard decoration and landscaping. You will enjoy restoring your family’s garden and will love the challenges Sunny faces. It will be a great experience to share a love story with neighbors and meet many interesting characters.

– SPECIAL EVENTS AND REWARDS: Take part in daily special events to earn amazing rewards! For even more wins, join tournaments.

– MAKE FRIENDS – Join a family and interact with other players, exchange life stories and get game boosters!

Sunny’s House is blooming and ready to be renovated! Do you have the skills and desire to transform this garden?

What’s new

– You can grow the seeds of endangered plants on the flower board.
-Queen’s Lily is the first threatened plant!
-Enjoy relaxation, take in the sights, and reap many rewards
-Are you ready for this beautiful and rare flower to be planted in your greenhouse?
-This event is open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and for 2 months.
– A new endangered plant will be released in 2 months. Keep checking!


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