MasterGear – MasterSystem & GameGear Emulator APK v4.6.9

MasterGear emulates MasterSystem, GameGear, and other classic 8bit consoles made by Sega. It runs MasterSystem and GameGear games right on your Android phone or tablet. Save game progress at any time and share it with friends, or play games together on the network. MasterGear also runs Mark2, Mark3, SG1000, SC3000, and SF7000 games and other software.

Feb 16, 2022
Size 3.43MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

MasterGear emulates MasterSystem and GameGear consoles from Sega. It runs MasterSystem or GameGear games directly on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can save your game progress, share it with others, and play on the network. MasterGear also offers Mark2, Mark3, SC3000 and SF7000 games, as well as other software.

* This code is optimized for Android devices and uses hardware acceleration and assembly language to run as fast possible.
* Full-screen portrait and landscape modes are supported, along with many effects options.
You can save your gameplay at any time and return to it after your character is killed.
* Use the State Exchange feature to share your current position in a particular game with other players.
* Use the NetPlay feature to play with other users on a local network.
* Use your accelerometer, gamepad, touch screen or hardware keyboard to play.
* Supports ARM GoogleTV devices such as LG G2/G3.
* Bluetooth gamepads, Xperia Play buttons, iCade and Sixaxis gamepads are supported.
* Record the soundtrack to MIDI files.

MasterGear does not include any games. Before running MasterGear, you should save your game files to the SD card.

MasterGear does not allow you to run any software that you don’t own. The author can’t and won’t tell you where to get free MasterSystem or GameGear software.

What’s new?

* A second solution to assigning gamepad keys to keyboard keys
* The folder name is now shown in the title, instead of the entire path.
* Disable keyboard options if you don’t have one.

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