MARVEL Super War APK v3.17.2

MARVEL Super War — the first MOBA game from Marvel and NetEase Games with 5 vs 5 arena battles in real time. Renowned entertainment giants have joined forces to provide players with the most dynamic, eye-popping and immersive experience in the MOBA genre. Get ready to explore more possibilities and experience incredible emotions like never before! Iron Man vs Captain marvel, Spider-Man vs Deadpool, X-Men vs Avengers and other epic superhero battles from all Marvel franchises. Play as your favorite character or choose someone from an extensive list of heroes and villains, each with unique talents.

Apr 26, 2022
Size 74MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Marvel’s first mobile MOBA-game! Take a leap into battle in the new Space War costumes of Iron Man and Captain Marvel. You will be able to explore new possibilities and enjoy the action like never!
Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel. Spider-Man vs. Deadpool. X-Men vs. Avengers. Super battles in 5v5 real time are set to shake the cosmos.
So what are you waiting? Grab your friends and form your ultimate team to explore the Marvel MOBA verse.
Take on the role of a Super Hero and fight for your cause!

—- Take to the Battlefield!
Real-time 5v5 super battles on Wakanda’s battlefield will shake the cosmos! You can win team battles with rich jungle resources and a dynamic Map.

—-Over 50 Super Heroes and Villains
MARVEL Super Wars features real Super Heroes from all over the Marvel Universe. You can choose from a wide range of Heroes and Villains with different styles and skills to join the ultimate all star brawl.

—-Fair, Balanced Combat
Balanced heroes are those who can fight with balance. You must have the ability to persevere and gain reputation. You will enjoy the thrill of beating your opponent in fair fights.

—-Fight As A Super Hero!
You are the star of the show! You can play as your favorite character, and show off your strength by using special attack combinations, dynamic effects and movement abilities. Your highlights will be displayed on the battlefield.

What’s new?

The most recent updates
1. Season 9 starts!
2. S.H.I.E.L.D. Battle Pass 018 has been announced by S.H.I.E.L.D.

New Hero
Professor X is the new hero and has joined the Battle!

Neue Skins
1. New skins for the 2022 Lunar New Year series are now available
2. The skins for the Avengers Mech Strike series are now available

Event News
1. The [A New Year in Abundance] event is now underway!
2. Unlock Mantis’s [Eastern Emerald] Skin and Get up to 621 Star credits in Rebate!

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