Lost Light APK 1.0b63

“LostLight” is a survival competitive shooting game. In the game, players will act as squad members to perform tasks in a chaotic and dangerous zone. You will go to fully armed to defeat various enemies to obtain resources. The game has more than 100 real weapon systems. The accessories can be replaced, and those who like survival shooting games have a try!

Aug 12, 2022
Size 91MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

Join the “Firefly”, a task force that investigates the evil plot behind the exclusion zones. Survive this brutal world where humanity ceases and all dangers are present. To build your strength and protect your enemies, upgrading and trading are essential. Do you want to be as armed as possible or can you choose to be minimalist on the next mission. Your survival chances in Lost Light will be affected by your decisions. That’s how warfare works.

Survival in realistic warfare
These familiar sights, such as factories, harbours, and forests ……, have been ruined by the wrathful apocalypse. You must pay attention to the smallest details when on the battlefield. Failure to do so will have serious consequences. It is essential that you are familiar with your weapons and your equipment. You should also learn how to deal effectively with hunger and pain.

Customization of Authentic Firearms
The firearms are faithfully recreated from structures to textures to give players the best possible firearms experience. Each gun can support up to 12 parts that can be adjusted and hundreds of other components. You can now optimize your loadout using hundreds of options. The system will recommend loadouts that are suitable for Quick Equip.

All About Tactics
Violence is not always the solution in Lost Light. As long as you locate the evacuation point, violence will not be an option. You might be an armed warrior, reaping the loots and wreaking havoc, or you could be a minimalist who scavenges your way to a modest fortune. Remember that if you are killed in combat, all your loots will be lost.

Before you move out, map it
You must be ready for battle when you enter your shelter. You need to keep your body in shape and increase your energy, but you also have to build and customize your loadout. Be careful when choosing gear, because you are only half the battle.

Diversified Social Interaction
Lost Light is a competitive survival game that allows you to choose between being a team player and being a solo wolf. There are endless possibilities! You might decide to join forces with an enemy, or to ask other players to save you.

Cross-Platform Play
Gamers on PC can now experience the thrill of battle. For a cross-platform gaming experience, players on both mobile and desktop devices will be able chat with each other. For more challenges and the impossible, form parties on different platforms.

Profit from Free-Trade
You will then retreat into the abandoned subway tunnels to stash your loot, and establish a foothold. Once you have made it a fully functioning base of operations, trading can be done within LostLight’s economy. Your survival chances increase if you sell your surplus and purchase what is in your immediate need.

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