Legend of Heroes: Roguelike APK 0.5.9 + Mod: Free Money

Archers are the incarnation of agility and swiftness. As the elves born in the tree of life, they are as quiet as pine trees and move like rabbits. They have the longest-distance archery strike ability and physical fighting ability that is not inferior to anyone else. Quickly traverse the battlefield.

DEVELOPER Trèfle & Co. Game
Updated 2022-05-20
Version 0.5.9
Requires Android 4.4 and up

Is your hero the one everyone wants? Or are you the hero everyone wants? Legend of Heroes is a roguelike action-RPG game that will challenge your imagination. This action RPG game is packed with adrenaline! You can equip super-powerful crossbows and hunt your enemies with your greatsword.
Your knights can be used to kill monster after monster, and crawl through dangerous dungeon after dungeon. You can defeat the siege they have set up on each map, and you will prove that your knighthood is due. Each world has its own gameplay mechanic, so you can discover beautiful new worlds! This action RPG lets you hunt endless waves! You can use magic to blast enemies and shoot them in their faces with your arrows. Plus, you can also stab them with the greatsword. Are you the next mega-man to be a one-punch KO?

– MELEE and RANGED COMBAT – Are you making use of all the weapons available to you? As an archer, you can shoot your arrows far away. Or, as a wizard, you can use your magic to create your spells. You can also be a hero all at once! You can either do that or you can take them out with one punch, like Saitama. You have the option!
– UNIQUESKILLS: You can’t call yourself a roguelike until you have special abilities for every run. Choose soul knights with mega skills such as Chain Strike and Headshot. Thunder Arrows is another example. Are you able to collect them all, and be the next Saitama! Can you keep your knighthood for ever?
– SIMPLE, INTUITIVE CONTROLS. Hold your screen to move. Release to shoot or slash. Don’t worry if it’s not in use! This is a simple-hunt, siege royale game.
– INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT : Make the most of the terrain! You can send crates flying towards your enemies, and deal them extra Crit damage with just one punch. You can explore the map while under siege until you’re satisfied; it’s an action-RPG! You may find extra loot!
CHOOSE YOUR HORRO: You have the option to choose from nine royale soul knights, each with unique abilities and powers. Perhaps you will find Saitama among the crowd? Do you want to grant them your knighthood, man.
– SHOOTMAGICAL SPELLS: Don’t stop there! You can use your greatsword and crossbow to kill enemies. Mega monsters are strong, but they will not be defeated by the strongest man alive until they get an arrow to his knee!
– SEE WHO YET YOU BEAT: See who your friends are losing and which ones you can beat with one punch. Are you able to keep your knighthood while claiming the title of mega-man HERO? !
– AWESOME SSKILL TREES – Level up and you’ll see the game get faster and easier. Permanent buffs for your arrows and greatswords. Are they worthy of knighthood? Get rid of the siege monsters!
GIGANTIC BOSS MONEY MONSTERS: You will have to face powerful bosses. This is a Roguelike RPG for knights, you are a massive one-punch man.
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What’s new

Added Invasion
Minor bug fix

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