Knives Out-Tokyo Royale APK 1.280.479406

Knives Out GOGO FES goes live on April 29th! … Dive in breathtaking survival adventure in Knives Out! … Extra large map with over 100 players. Explore your …
Apr 19, 2022
Size 90MB
Version 1.280.479406
Requires Android 4.2 and up

Knives Out FES GOGO goes live April 29th
[(One the most popular Battle Royal Mobile Games)]
Knives Out offers a thrilling survival adventure!
[(Fly! Fly to wherever you like)
Extra-large map for up to 100 players Explore Knives Out’s battlefield to find your survival route.
[(Meet new people in this survival journey]]
Have fun playing, Have fun teaming up
[(The best friendship, is to live together)]
Knives Out is a fun way to have a battle with friends. Teamwork wins!
[(Have fun with your team in the sports car]]
With your team, drive to the limit
[(Customize your look to make it special)]
There are many fashion outfits. You can wear anything you want

What’s new?

Knives Out FES GOGO goes live April 29th
1.[(GOGOFES JUMBO]] Everyone could receive free Jumbo tickets from April 29th through May 5th! You have the chance to win the newest customs and vehicle skins!
2.[(GOGOFES Team Bonus]] From April 29th through May 31st, you can team up with five people to win five bonuses, including exclusive gifts and golden items.
3. [(GOGO FES Exclusive Aparence Update]]
4.[(GOGOFES Exclusive playmode]

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