Jetpack Joyride MOD APK 1.66.1 (Unlimited Coins)

To boldly go where no Barry has gone before… Brand new STAR TREK event. EVENT REWARDS: ○ Collect fan favourite characters from through the series

Jun 8, 2022
Size 133 MB
Version 1.66.1
Requires Android 4.4

Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons Birds that can shoot money

This insane, high-flying endless running runner is from Fruit Ninja. It will keep you on your toes!

You’re now ready to join Barry Steakfries, equip yourself with cool jetpacks and wear stylish clothes to ride wild vehicles in his never-ending running race to defeat the scientists.

Download Jetpack Joyride from the Google Play Store and join over 750,000,000 players!

Get FREE right now to play a new game or escape the lab!


Fly cool Jetpacks through lab
Surf the waverider with all its glory
To boost your rank, complete daring missions
You can customize your look with outrageous outfits
Avoid lasers, zappers and guided missiles
Make millions of dollars by collecting coins
Storm the lab with huge mechs or crazy cars
Equip high tech gadgets, and power-ups
Earn achievements and fight it out with friends
One-touch controls will test your reflexes
Special events: New game modes


This game allows you to make optional in-app purchases. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu.

What’s new?

To go boldly where no Barry has been before…

New STAR TREK event

* Collect fan-favorite characters throughout series
* Starfleet Mech SHINY
* Starship jetpack – Reach maximum warp

* All-New Voyager Shuttlecraft Vehicle
* Borg Cube and Phaser Jetpack jetpacks
* Four new vehicle skins plus new SAM

Play now, only for a short time

Android-exclusive Features Added:
* Additional support for restoring purchased
* Package size reduced

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