Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game APK 13

Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game is a magical kingdom adventure travel strategy mobile game. You need to establish a good trading system, improve your economy in different ways, and specify a perfect code of conduct to constrain you. The poor, from the five different tribes in order to survive the space will fight, you need to build a powerful turret to destroy the enemy of the attack, expand your land to complete the task of expansion, shoulder the mission of the Kingdom of Light, lead your Soldiers fight.

Sep 26, 2018
Size 82MB
Version 13
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Set your prices, buy, sell, build, and make choices because only one CLAN CHIEFTAIN will win
Five clans vie for control of the Isle of Skye. Only the chieftain with the most clan territory and who trades wisely can be crowned king!

After you have left your castle, make the Isle of Skye more beautiful by building green hills, beautiful beaches, and mountain ranges. Raising livestock, producing precious whisky, building forts, and ships are all possible. You can expand your territory tile-by-tile, pay for your tiles to be kept, or sell your tiles to someone else at the price you set. Tile price setting, sales and structures are key to becoming the ruler of Isle of Skye.

Each game is unique, so we’ll see you develop different strategies and tactics. Isle of Skye has a variety of rules that are easy to learn and changeable, making it a great game for all levels of players.

* Simple and tactical game mechanics were adapted from the award winning Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to Kings board game by Alexander Pfister & Andreas Pelikan
* 1-5 players
* Play single-player against computer opponents or with clans from around the globe in online mode.
* Choose from 4 different objectives to create a unique gameplay that is constantly changing
* Watch the best players play on your device and learn the rules of the game with our Interactive Tutorial!
* Never miss a turn in the asynchronous game mode that includes push notifications.
* Check out Klemens Franz’s amazing illustrations, which capture a true Scottish feel!

Award for the original boardgame
* 2016 UK Games Expo Best Boardgame Winner
* 2016 Tric Trac Nominee
* 2016 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner
* 2016 Kennerspiel des Jahres Nominee
* 2016 International Gamers Award: General Strategy: Multiplayer Nominee
* 2015 Meeples’ Choice Nominee
* 2015 Jocul Anului in Romania Beginners Finalist
* 2015 Golden Geek Board Game of the year Nominee
* 2015 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Winner
* 2015 Golden Geek Nominee for Best Family Board Game
* 2015 Cardboard Republic Architect Laurel Nominee

What’s new?

– Issue with the ‘exit-game’ button fixed
Fixes for the More Games Menu


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