Injustice 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Energy) v5.3.1

Injustice 2  is the modified off this great fighting game released by Warner Bros, the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us released in 2013. The game was released for mobile devices on May 11, 2017, after the success of the version PC/ Console/ Xbox.

Apr 19, 2022
Size 1GB
Requires Android
Varies with device

Who are your Justice League Super Heroes? To defeat the forces of evil, you can form a Super Hero team including Superman, Supergirl and Superman. Learn new combinations and defeat your opponents in 3v3 battles. As you progress through the game, upgrade your Super Heroes to unlock special abilities. You can become a champion by collecting gear and winning PvP battles. You will be defined by every epic fight in this CCG fighting video game. Join the fight to become the ultimate DC champion!

* Select from a huge selection of DC Super Heroes or Super-Villains to fight in this epic CCG fighting match!
* Includes classic fan favorites like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Aquaman. There are also amazing new Villains such as The Joker, Brainiac and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.
* You can control how your characters appear, fight, and develop in different game modes.

* Create epic combos against your opponents with Superman’s heat vision or The Superman’sghtning Kick, or HaFlash’s cupcake bomb
* TakeQuinn’s battles to the next level – inflict massive damage with your favorite DC characters Super moves
* Earcharacters’rom fight to customize your Super Heroes’ gear and collect special characters such as Justice League Batman and Mythic Wonderwoman, Multiverse the Flash and more.
Join friends and form a fighting team to create an unstoppable League. You can stop the accumulation of worlds together and defeat Brainiac, the ultimate boss!
* Have fun! Chat with friends, give hero shards to others, take part in Raids and much more!

* Injustice 2 continues to tell the story of the 3v3, CCG Super Hero fighting video Injustice: Gods Among Us
* You can immerse yourself in cinematics right from your console – with the Justice League broken, it is up you to pick up the storyline and unify a team
* Injustice 2’s console gra2’scs are available on mobile. Play with Superman, Batman, The Flash and other characters in high definition 3v3 combat
* Become the fighting champion that the world needs – enter a Super-Heroes contest where only one winner is allowed
* The Joker was killed by Superman but continues to haunt all who are affected by his madness. He set off the events that would make Batman and Superman enemies by destroying Metropolis. He would have been smiling if The Joker was alive to witness the chaos he had created.

* Sign up for the contest – enjoy daily challenges and climb to the top of the leaderboard after every win
* Join the PvP Arena and take on players from all over the globe to be crowned champions
* Unify the Supergirl, Batman and The Flash to fight in PvP combat

* Discover new team synergies – League of Anarchy Justice League Multiverse Suicide Squad Batman Ninja and Legendary
* Get a new universal gear type – Artifacts can now be fitted on any Super Hero to receive bonus stats and unique passive benefits!
* Champions Arena is now open! Show off your skills and master techniques at the most important fighting competition ever. Champions Arena is a gathering of the best fighters in the world to receive exclusive rewards, fight players around the globe, and claim the top!

Get this free, epic fighting game and join YOUR Justice League!

What’s new?

Update 5.3.1 contVarious bug fixes, including:

Silver Banshee graphical Issue
– Batwoman, The Drowned crashes issue against certain enemies
– An incorrect reset of Batman Ninja Catwoman’s Immortal buff to Catwoman’s – A general crashing issue that affected some players
– Compensation Reward for recent League Raid Reward Issue

We are grateful for your continued support of Injustice 2 Mobile.

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