Idle Lumber Empire APK 1.4.8 + Mod

Cut down trees, collect resources, and explore wealth! This is a fun leisure and entertainment game, fun tree-cutting gameplay, and a mode of transporting wood. You also need to process wood to make more money. In this game, you can freely choose the mode to experience, it is very diverse.

Jul 27, 2022
Size 130MB
Requires Android
5.0 and up

You can build your lumber and house manufacturing company and be a successful entrepreneur!
Idle Lumber Empire is a new idle clicker game. This idle simulation game lets you run a small sawmill, and work hard to expand it to fulfill a bigger dream: to build a lumber empire.

Manage Forests
You need to hire tree planters in order to harvest trees sustainably. To green all of your lands, you can purchase more! Your loggers can be trained to become efficient workers and harvest logs efficiently.

Install milling lines
To process logs faster and create more lumber products, you can upgrade and purchase new machines. There are many machines waiting for you to discover.

Maintain and upgrade your vehicle
Log trucks and forklifts transport logs from storage to machines. Keep them in good condition to ensure that the factory is always running.

Manage Sales
To maximize profits, run marketing campaigns to attract new customers and efficiently process orders.

Biz Upgrade
Earn BizPoints for each order processed. Spend your BizPoints wisely in order to increase the Factory’s income forever.

Enjoy the addictive idle logging simulator!

What’s new?

A huge update for your Lumber Empire!
Two mini-games You can play them from Tuesday through Thursday. Each week they will be different. You can enjoy new gameplay and beat your high scores!
Three new background music themes are available for an immersive experience.
Larry, Log Truck Manager, now has an automation switch!

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