Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition APK + OBB

Complex game system is just some daunting, and the current pursuit of rapid leisure market environment against the road. Creating a character requires a multi-level menu of gender, race, occupation, camp, attribute, skill, appearance, and each level menu contains a lot of settings. Hastily set up a team of roles, but only a little knowledge, which contains the combination of more dug deeper. Fortunately, the system will provide a preset team, not good at the players of this road as a guide.

Feb 7, 2022
Size 8MB
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

This game is optimized to tablets. It is not recommended for phones with screens smaller than 7 inches. We do not support Chrome OS devices.
Evil is under the Spine of the World.

The region of icy tundra known by Icewind Dale is located in the Forgotten Realms’ northernmost reaches. Deep into the Spine of the World Mountains, an unforgiving and harsh territory that is only the most hardy have you venture. Meet fearsome beasts who have learned to survive in the snow-shrouded mountains. Faerun is under threat from an evil plotter that plans to destroy the mountain sides and carven glaciers. This is Icewind Dale: The Enhanced Edition.

Icewind Dale was originally released in 2000. It is a Dungeons and Dragons game that takes place in Wizards of The Coast’s Forgotten Realms. This Enhanced Edition lets a new generation of gamers experience this epic adventure.

– Swords & Sorcery: Find dozens of new spells, items, and even new magic armour and weapons.

– Blackguards & Wizard Slayers: Choose from over 30 new classes and kits to create the ultimate adventuring party.

Enhanced Edition: A New Look. Experience the all-new interface of the Enhanced Edition, which includes the Quick loot bar.

– Bring a friend: Play with your fellow adventurers in cross-platform multiplayer games.

– Explore the Unseen: Discover quest content taken from the original game. Now restored and finished.

Icewind Dale: The Enhanced Edition: More to Enjoy!

Note on Localization

What’s new?

Our latest update addresses an issue that was causing problems for some of you, along with Android 11 and 12.

– Corrected the crash that occurred during theft from merchants

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