Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom APK 1.55.1

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom apk is a cartoon-style strategy game based on the medieval world. It plays the role of a king and allows your people to help you build a castle and recruit heroes to defeat the dragon.-apKaward.cOm

Jun 6, 2022
Size 150MB
Version 1.55.1
Requires Android
4.4 and up

Rise, knights of the kingdoms!
This empire game will make you the king or hero of an actual medieval castle. Epic kingdom games await you! Create a shelter to house a king!

You will be the lord of and master of a medieval castle in this kingdom game. Players, get ready – medieval fantasy RPG begins right now! This royal shelter-building game will allow you to build your empire and watch your kingdom rise!
You can embark on an exciting RPG adventure. Here are some of these opportunities:

– Plunge into a story-driven RPG campaign! In hundreds of missions, you can fight giants, orcs, skeletons and even dragons! Your empire will thrive with the help of battle magic, cold steel, and cunning strategy!
Build your castle! You can build new rooms or upgrade existing ones. All you need to build your dream castle is here! Start the base-building of your castle now!
– Train your villagers! Every one of your villagers can learn new skills, and you can equip them with any type of equipment. Enjoy the medieval fantasy RPG and train great knights or scribes… then you can swap them!
– Co-op – Play with a friend, or with random knights, and search for treasure in mysterious dungeons.
Multiplayer multiplayer in the nomadic empire game. Rise to medieval status! Burn and plunder the kingdoms of people you don’t like…

You can upgrade your knights and become rich and influential. You can build a dating room, and your dwellers will have children that’ll grow up to serve your kingdom. Your king will need an impregnable shelter! You are waiting for the medieval RPG mobile game!

Protect your medieval castle, knights of power! The kingdom games, the empire and the powerful hero begin!

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You are just a few steps away from a new event! You’ll find a wonderful Mole-opoly and a lot of amazing rewards.
Improvements to the Totem interface
Lighthouse Banner – New hero relic
Auto-completing the Portal will result in changes to the apple purchase.
Modifications to item properties
Learn more about these innovations and others in the game!

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