Hello Neighbor APK v1.0 b507

Hello Neighbor — it’s a stealth horror game where the player has to sneak into the basement of a neighbor’s house to find out what sinister secrets are out there. The main task of the player: to get unnoticed in the basement, but it is not easy to do, because you play against an advanced AI, which in turn learns at every step. In Hello Neighbor APK you want to get in through the backyard window, wait for the bear traps, just think about going through the front door, next time there will be security cameras. All this significantly prevents you from repeating the same type of action, so you have to find new creative solutions, otherwise, the neighbor will quickly catch you.

Jun 19, 2022
Size 48MB
Requires Android
6.0 and up

Hello, Neighbor: A stealth horror game where you sneak into the neighbor’s home to find out his terrible secrets. An AI learns from you every move and can be a real challenge. There’s a bear trap. Is it possible to sneak through the front door? Soon, cameras will be installed. Are you trying to escape? You will be caught by your neighbor who will help you find a way out.

What’s new

Bugfixes and stability improvements

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