Haunt the House: Terrortown APK v1.4.6

Haunt the House: Terrortown is a fun game in which you will act as a cast. Leave the dusty and abandoned towers and go in search of adventure in a deadly terrible night. Your task will be to scare all people into museums, hospitals, theaters and on a cruise boat so that they all run away. Check your strengths in action and try in a short time to find in the empty rooms what you lost while you frightened the visitors.

Dec 28, 2018
Size 57MB
Requires Android
4.0.3 and up

Side-scrolling puzzle game featuring ghosts
What was the sound? Is there somebody there?

You don’t need to wander the halls of an old clock tower to haunt you as you make your way through the night. You can take possession of objects and your ghostly spirit to scare people away at a museum, hospital, theatre, or cruise ship. Can you scare everyone and get back what was lost before it’s too late?

Android TV support added! You don’t need a gamepad, you can use the remote to play!

=== REVIEWS ===

“The visuals are stunning, with a unique style that is both creepy and cute.” It also has some really funny sounds and spot effects.

“A few hours spent in Terrortown is well worth it.” It’s a reminder that cute ghosts don’t always mean friendly.
– 148Apps.com

This little Halloween special has a dark side to it. The bug-eyed howls from your prey and the looping jazz-club tones convey a real sense of mischief.
– Eurogamer

What’s new?

Fixed camera bug! Oops!
Super-wide screen with full screen
New icon for full-color art
It uses the latest Google APIs

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