FoxFi Key (supports PdaNet) APK v1.0.4

This app unlocks the full version of both FoxFi and PdaNet. Please install this key app from Play Store after purchasing. If you haven’t installed PdaNet or FoxFi, please also do so from either Play Store or at

Aug 31, 2018
Size 25KB
Requires Android
2.2 and up

This app unlocks both FoxFi (and PdaNet) in full. After purchasing, please download this key app from the Play Store. If you haven’t installed PdaNet or FoxFi, please do so from the Play Store or at
Before purchasing the full version, please read the following agreement.

1. PdaNet is recommended for most Android phones. FoxFi can only be used on models that have a specific version of Android. Please see the list at for compatibility.

2. Due to many factors we cannot control, we do not offer warranties on our apps. Unpaid tether usages may be interrupted by carriers, often through system updates.

3. Play Store has extended the refund period to 21 days. It was 15 minutes before. To request a refund, please use the contact link provided in your order receipt email. After 21 days, we are unable to issue refunds. This applies even if certain features in PdaNet and FoxFi cease to work due to reasons beyond our control.

FoxFi and PdaNet will display the “Full Version Unlocked” message at the bottom of the screen after you have installed the key. This should not prompt you to buy. Please contact us if this does not happen. Rare problems in the Play Store can occasionally occur. It could also be caused by a problem with your Google Account.

What’s new?

The latest Android systems make “Checking for full …”” take 30 seconds. This has been fixed.

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