Forager APK 1.0.13 + Mod

Forager is a placeable sandbox building game. It combines elements of exploration, survival, cultivation and construction in the gameplay. Players can give themselves a variety of positioning in the game, starting from scratch, through continuous resources and equipment Collecting to continuously expand your own strength, after you have a certain amount of capital, you can break into the world, establish your own residence, trade with others, and finally complete all your fantasy about this world.

Jan 13, 2021
Size 136MB
Version 1.0.13
Requires Android 4.1 and up

Forager is an open-world 2D game that’s inspired by your favorite exploration, farming, and crafting games.
– Collect, manage and organize resources.
-Make useful items and structures.
-Build and expand a base from nothing. Purchase land to expand and explore.
-Level up to learn new skills, capabilities, and blueprints.
-You can solve puzzles, discover secrets, and raid dungeons.
-You can achieve anything you desire! You have the power to choose what you want; set your goals and work towards them!

Start small, build your skills, equipment, and friends network. Build your future however you like!

What’s new?

– All updates from version 4.1.3 up to 4.1.8 were applied
– Some edge cases get better cloud sync
– Improved licensing validator
-Minor bug fixing

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