Firefight APK v2.3.2

Firefight – a military strategy with a top view of the android, where you will recreate the fighting of World War II. Take control of armoured tanks and navigate them through various locations, controlling their direction, speed and gunshots. Lead fire on the enemy and try to hit as many tanks as possible with fire. Watch everything that happens at the game levels and control the flow of weapons, various troops and ammunition. Become the participants of the grand battles at different locations and do not let the enemy capture your territory.

Jul 21, 2022
Size 88MB
Requires Android
4.1 and up

Firefight is a World War II simulation game that uses real-time AI. It has more detail and AI than any other game of its kind. Tanks are modeled with a physics engine, have gears, rev counters, speedos, and can be controlled with brake levers for realistic-looking tracked vehicle movement. Every bullet, shell and piece of shrapnel are 3D-modelled and can ricochet realistically on sloping surfaces. Each foot soldier’s rank and name, weapon, remaining ammunition, heart rate, fatigue levels, and heart rate can be viewed. When they run out of ammunition, machine gunners will call for shots and other squad members will come over with extra ammo. First aid is provided by medics when wounded men need them. Although off-board artillery may be called in, they will need to fire several shots before the entire eight-gun battery can open fire.
Firefight is for you if you like Close Combat!

What’s new?

– I added “Capture the Flag” to custom battles

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