EvoCreo APK 1.9.12 + Mod

“EvoCreo” tells the story of a teenager in search of missing father, began a journey around the world of adventure, the journey slowly came into contact with a mysterious organization “shadow beehive” and opened all the story of the puzzle. In the game, players can capture the wild pets, and train them to fight, and “Pok√©mon”, capture, develop, combat is the game features.

Jun 16, 2022
Size 51MB
Version 1.9.12
Requires Android 4.0 and up

Monster games for monster trainers

This monster role-playing game is for you if you enjoy catching monsters, building monster teams in open-world role playing games with multiplayer in arena. Epic RPG for monster trainers
Enjoy a unique open-world adventure. More than 30 hours of offline gaming
This is the best-selling RPG game for 99cs.
Dive into an open world Millions of players love it!

Get started Adventure full of pocket monsters . To get the monster champion in multiplayer, you must battle it out in the arena.

Experience great quests As an idle monster trainer, you can earn rewards

As a trainer, you can start monster-catching

* Over 170 powerful monsters to be caught!
* More than 99 mon evolutions
* Fully animated battles, pocket monster evolution
* Compete against other trainers in Multiplayer role-playing!
* Get pixel graphics just like the classic RPG maker games
* Change the stats, attacks, and skills of your monsters
* Create a new idle monster to evolve and achieve the ultimate next evolution
* A nostalgia for those who love classic games with old-school pixels graphics

Items, catch monsters, multiplayer, trainer & open world!

This classic MMORPG pixel monster game is available for 99 cents.
* You can play it offline without an internet connection if you wish
* You can use different items to battle and play multiplayer with mighty beasts
* Explore a vast open world, and play the role of a monster rancher.
* PVP multiplayer to fight in arenas, battles, and duels using pixel graphics

Are you a master trainer for a monster? This game is for you if role-playing, multiplier battles, and training pixel art monsters RPG-maker style will appeal to your interests.
Join over 5 million other players in this highly-paid game!

What’s new?

– Added the delete account function. This will delete all of your data from our servers.
– Only activate the on-screen button if you have an object that you can interact with.
-Fixed menu navigation with the back button for certain scenes
-Misc bug fixes

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