eFootball PES 2022 APK 6.1.4

eFootball PES 2020 is a football sports game with more players and picture details, and players in both online and offline mode can have unique fun. Smooth game control, multiplayer tactics, fair play, real physical collision and stress feedback, this is the live football on the fingertips!

Jul 19, 2022
Size 56MB
Requires Android
7.0 and up

The minimum system requirements for the game will change and certain devices won’t be supported by eFootball(tm). 2022. Performance will differ between supported devices. Users may have to upgrade their devices in order to continue playing.
Below are the minimum requirements to enable you to play the game.

Minimum Requirements
Android Version 7.0 and above
Memory: RAM 2 GB or more
CPU: Arm-based quad core (1.5 GHz or higher)
*Your device may not be able to run the game smoothly even if it meets the minimum requirements.

On 07/21/2022, the latest version of eFootball(tm), 2022 (v6.1.4) has been released.

This update will require approximately 3.3GB of space. Please confirm that you have sufficient space before beginning the download.
*Due to the large file, we recommend that you connect to Wi-Fi to download it.

Some users have reported that Google Play doesn’t always show the correct size downloads.

We recommend that you wait until the download progress bar reaches 100% before downloading any files.
If your device doesn’t have enough space, the update will not be completed.
Please wait until the update completes before trying again if the app does not start.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.

*Downloading via Wi-Fi strongly encouraged.
*You can play the game after maintenance ends.

It’s a new era in digital soccer games. “PES” has evolved into “eFootball(tm).”
You can now enjoy one of the most popular sports games, “eFootball(tm), 2022”.

# Soccer’s Excitement on Your Mobile Device
We offer soccer fans around the world an opportunity to experience a new game of soccer with unmatched realism.
We have taken the time to analyze many modern soccer’s attacking, and defending elements and integrated them into the game as simple-to-use commands. You can feel the thrill of soccer on your mobile device and enjoy the best of all sports games!

# eFootball ™ World
“eFootball ™, World” is the core of eFootball.
You can play as some of the most powerful soccer players with “Authentic Team” or you can sign and develop your favorite players for your “Dream Team.”
Participate in different events and compete against other competitors around the globe.

# Europe’s Finest
You can play with many licensed clubs around the world, such as FC Bayern Munchen, Manchester United and FC Barcelona. You will also be able to access many well-known clubs from Central and South America. The cherry on the top is that different leagues will be appearing with their licensed names.

# Online, Real-Time Matches
Your Dream Team can be created by signing your favourite players and managers, and then adjusting their playstyle to your liking. You can then test your skills in the Division-based tournament, eFootball(tm), League. Or join other events to earn unique rewards. The excitement of eSports has never been more accessible or fun!

# Live Among Legends
You can live out your soccer dreams by signing Legends to your team such as D. Beckham and F. Beckenbauer, O. Kahn and P. Viera.

[For the Latest News] In the near future, new features, modes, events and gameplay improvements will be added.
Visit the official eFootball ™ website for more information.

[Online Connectivity] To play eFootball(tm), you will need an internet connection. To get the best out of the game, we recommend that you have a reliable internet connection.

What’s new?

Added friend match mode for Dream Team
-Added the “Home” button
-Added a new Control Type to Defend Type: Classic
-Added the Dash command to defend for Control Type: Touch and Flick
Adjustments to the in-match match game balance
-Easier-to-use Player Progression UI
*View the News section in-game to find out more.

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