Dr. Mario World APK 2.4.0

Dr. Mario World apk is a classic casual game where the player controls the red, blue, and yellow capsules that float upwards, aligning the same color vertically or horizontally into three to eliminate the virus. The number of capsules that can be used in each level is different, and if the virus is completely destroyed before it is used up, it can pass. How to use the capsule skillfully is the key to success. Think carefully to completely eliminate the virus!

Jul 1, 2021
Size 95MB
Requires Android
4.4 and up

As of October 31, 2021 at 11:59 PT, the Dr. Mario World service has been terminated. We are grateful for your continued support.

#Fun and challenging Match-3 Puzzles

* Don’t panic; take your time and be calm as you plan to eliminate Dr. Mario’s virus-ridden world in no time.
To eliminate viruses, tap, rotate and position yellow, red, and blue capsules! This brain-tickling puzzle game challenges you to match three objects of the same colour vertically or horizontally.
* Clear the stages and get rid of all viruses before your capsules run out.
* You can use any leftover half-capsules to drag them through the blocks. Or, you can change the order by sliding multiple capsules onto the stage at once.

#Stages featuring lots of difficult objects

* More than 600 stages in various themed worlds, with lots of difficult obstacles!
* You may encounter obstacles such as blocks that won’t break unless you remove nearby viruses, cages that won’t open unless the key of the exact color is cleared, and bubbles which will continue floating up unless they are hindered by something higher.
* New stages are added every two weeks.
* Compare your scores with friends and track your progress.

#Mario and his friends were doctors. !

* Dr. Mario’s world is in panic because of a colorful array of viruses! Over 30 of his friends and Dr. Mario have donned lab coats and taken out capsules. They are now ready to eradicate those unruly virus.
* Dr. Mario isn’t the only one available. Luigi, Peach and Bowser, Yoshi. Toad, Toad. Daisy, Rosalina. Donkey Kong. Nabbit. Koopa Troopa. Lakitu.
* Doctors and their assistants can use a variety of virus-busting techniques. You should experiment to find the right combination for you.

#Test your speed and insight in mode versus mode

* Play online against your friends and enemies to increase your rank and earn battle points.
* Choose the right combination of assistants and doctors to win!
These heated battles are all about speed, finger control, strategy, and strategy.

* The game can be started for free, but you can make optional in-game purchases.
* A compatible smart device and persistent internet are required. Data charges could apply.
* May contain advertising
* Please refer to the section “How we use your data” in the Nintendo Privacy Policy for more information.
User Agreement:https://support.drmario-world.com/eula

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