Dont Starve: Pocket Edition APK 1.19.7 + Mod

Don’t Starve is an action adventure game. The game is about the story of a scientist was be sent into a mysterious and different world.

Jun 14, 2022
Size 465MB
Version 1.19.7
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Pocket Edition: Don’t Give Up! The hit PC game is now available for Android.
You can now experience the wilderness survival game with science and magic from anywhere you are! Play as Wilson, an adventurous Gentleman Scientist who is trapped in a mysterious wilderness realm. Wilson must learn how to use his environment and its inhabitants to find his way home.

Explore a new world filled with strange creatures, dangers and surprises. You can gather resources to create items and structures that suit your survival style. Explore this mysterious land and make your own discoveries.

  What’s new

– The character uses objects instead of commenting about what is in front of him.
– Improvements in the use of sewing kits to ensure consistency with Magiluminescence refills

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