Civilization VI APK 1.2.0 + Mod

This is a war strategy game in which the player acts as the leader of a civilization. From the primitive society of civilization, through continuous expansion and development, it slowly evolves into an information civilization with modern weapons. The civilization played by the player will compete with other civilizations on the map for resources, and compete for the speed of military, cultural, technological, and religious development; each civilization will show its magical powers and compete for the victory of the game through war and diplomacy.

Jan 25, 2021
Size 40MB
Version 1.2.0
Requires Android 9.0 and up

Enjoy 60 turns of Civilization VI at no cost. Upgrade to continue playing!
Build a civilization starting with an early settlement. Expand your empire and conquer the world. You can also improve your strategic thinking skills and decision-making abilities. This is the essence of this amazing strategy game.

Civilization VI for Android is an advanced game that simulates building an empire from the start of time. As the leader of your kingdom, you can manage your resources to build new structures and empower your army to defend and attack, as well as make your citizens happy and content.

Your actions and choices have an impact on the whole world ecosystem. You have the option to conquer the entire world by military dominance or cultural influence.

You’ve come to the right spot if you are interested in empire-building and want to develop your strategic thinking skills.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (also known as Civ 6 or Civ) is now available for mobile devices. Civilization VI can be downloaded for free on your Android smartphone. You can do whatever you need to make your tiny territory the largest empire in the world, and all this from your smartphone. Follow the tutorial to create your first structure and start building your empire.

Amazing performance and console-like graphics:
This strategy game stands out among the rest because of its stunning graphics, captivating music, smooth animations and high performance.

Learn strategic thinking and resource management skills.
Your decisions and strategies will not only affect your empire, but also the global ecosystem. You have the option to use your military forces to conquer the globe or to follow a civilized strategy. Be aware of your limited resources when it comes to resource management. A solid strategy for using your resources would be a great help in building a thriving and growing civilization.

Why not give this 4X strategy game an attempt?
We have everything you need, whether you are a veteran strategy gamer who played Sid Meier’s Civilization games on your computer or a novice who is just starting to play strategy and simulation games.

Civilization VI is an engaging strategy game that delivers everything you would expect from a strategy game. It offers console-quality graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay, endless possibilities and challenges, as well as a variety of choices and options to expand your territory.

Civilization VI main characteristics at a glance

Simple and clean design, with an intuitive interface
Smooth animations and high-quality graphics
Exciting strategy game to conquer the world and build an empire
Amateur and professional gamers alike will enjoy Empire Building.
Build buildings or upgrade existing structures
Strategic thinking and resource management are key components of a successful business.
Make smart decisions and help change the future of the planet
Get Civilization VI for your Android tablet or phone. Let us know if you have any questions or bugs via [email protected]

What’s new?

Bug fixes

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