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Learn a new language with bite-sized lessons created by experts. Connect with a supportive network of native speakers and qualified teachers. Master a language faster. It’s all possible with Busuu, a Chegg Service.

May 10, 2022
Requires Android
5.0 and up
With bite-sized lessons from experts, you can learn a new language. Get connected to a support network of native speakers as well as qualified teachers. Master a language faster. Busuu is a Chegg Service that makes it possible.
You are correct. A Dutch, Arabic or Spanish learning app is available in 13 languages with award-winning content and features.

Google Play Editor’s Choice


Learn Japanese
Expertly-designed lessons make it easy to learn Japanese. Busuu’s Japanese courses are a winner. They cover the basics like vocabulary and phrases for traveling, as well as in-depth courses on hiragana and katakana.

Learn Spanish
The most effective Spanish learning app makes learning Spanish easy. You can learn the basics of Spanish with our Spanish for Travel and Complete Spanish courses. Or you can listen to and pronounce Spanish with our podcast about Spanish culture.

Learn the language you choose
Busuu provides efficient, compact courses in 13 languages. Experts have created them. French, Arabic and Chinese, Dutch, English. German. Italian. Japanese. Polish. Portuguese. Russian. Spanish.


Course content that has been awarded the Best of
Expert-created course content will help you improve your reading, writing and speaking skills. To make learning more enjoyable, we are constantly adding new course content. From comprehension exercises based on real articles from El Pais to learn Spanish to our manga-based Japanese learning program.

A community of support for learners
Connect and learn from our 120 million+ language learners by using the Conversations feature. Conversations allows you to connect with native speakers of the language that you are learning so that you can get feedback on how it is used every day.

Built in organization
You can stay on track whether you are learning for work, pleasure, school, travel, school or school. The Study Plan feature allows you to set goals, see how you will achieve them, and then add reminders and study times to keep you on track.

Unique tools designed for better learning
Vocabulary Trainer & Grammar Review is a tool that will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary.

Learn with qualified tutors
To take your learning to the next step, you can work with professional tutors either one-on-one and in groups. You can book lessons at your convenience and increase your confidence speaking while you learn languages.

Plus, certificates to track your progress, Offline Mode, for learning on the go, and many other features

Busuu can show you how far you can travel when you learn.

PC Mag rated it excellent

Got a question for support?
We are available in English, French and Spanish as well as Italian, Portuguese, German.

What’s new

You don’t have the time or desire to learn a new language. You have to balance work, school, exercise, friends, family and other interests.
A personalized, adaptable Study Plan is a way to take the stress out learning languages.
Your goals and your schedule are important
Create a plan that is based on your availability
In small, manageable steps, work towards a completion date
It’s never been easier to learn a language.


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